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Quote of the day:
A professional is someone who can do his best work when he doesn’t feel like it.
– Alistair Cooke

Bop on over to Inara Press’ blog today as I’m the one blogging. You can get to it here:

Busy busy today! The server at work crashed yesterday. I mean, a total meltdown. No email, no nothing. All day. It was excruciating, let me tell you. All the emails that were sent to me were lost in cyberspace. Never got any of them.

So today I come in to find a small emergency of which I’m trying to handle without having to bother my boss because she’s in a meeting all day and is unreachable. So far so good. But I tell ya, I feel like I’m flying blind.

A really good friend of mine is leaving the company next Friday. He works in another office, but I’m so sad he’s leaving. I wish him all the best of luck, though, and I know he’ll do great in his new job.

Got all the edits done for MAGIC and am about to take a look at the synopsis to make sure it’s up to snuff. Then I’m going to print the whole mess out and send it off to Harlequin tomorrow. WOO! Yes, Leigh, let’s DO compare post office notes tomorrow. HA.

I cooked last night. This is a very rare occurrence, but I did cook. Make chicken and rice. Of which my child ate none. Ah well. Then after I dropped him off, I had a riveted time waxing my eyebrows. Yes, I did it myself instead of paying someone $12 to do it. At least they’re even.

And then, since it was early and only 9, I sat down and actually watched some TV for an hour and I thought to myself, It’s really nice to be all alone. Just me and the cat. It’s so totally great.

So I went to bed early since I was a little tired and my freaking phone rings at 12:30. It was a wrong number I’m sure – I didn’t answer it – but it jolted me out of my peaceful sleep. Took me a good 20 minutes to get back to sleep. And then when I did, I dreamed about flipflops with big flowers on top. And they only had a right shoe in my size. Whatever on that.

I’m so happy it’s Friday! And rather surprised that it came so fast. Have a great weekend, all.

By Michelle

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