Blurry & Happy Birthday to My Baby Boy

First of all… somehow, someone got to my blog doing a Google search for “how to write hot and steamy love letters”. I’m not sure this is the right place, but I could certainly give you some pointers if you want to write hot and steamy sex scenes. 😉

Okay… so…my home loan was approved. I signed all the paperwork last night (hey the loan guy wasn’t bad looking…haha). I still have some paperwork to get faxed to him, but I think it’s pretty much done. My inspection is on Saturday, bright and early.

I’ve already started packing. Just the CDs and DVDs. Next I’ll pack up the books and the stuff on the desk I don’t need. I think. I have no bloody idea to be perfectly honest. Feeling just a tad overwhelmed right now.

I still have to buy a refrigerator, a bed for the baby boy, and a desk for me. I just love being in debt up to my eyeballs. :hehe:

By the time I got home with the baby boy, I was exhausted. Completely wiped out. I’ll be in a meeting all day today, and then have a dinner meeting/social.

On this day, exactly five years ago at 12:41 pm the sweetest little baby boy in the whole wide world was born.

This was him then.

Of course, he lost all that beautiful red-gold hair (like his mother’s) and it came back white blond (NOT like his mother’s). He still has the pretty blue eyes and he has a great sense of humor (funniest line this year: “Mom, you are so cracking me out of the side of my brain.”). He’s a sweet, funny little boy who loves to act out the movie Zathura and prefers Tom & Jerry to just about any cartoon around. He’s a picky eater sometimes and then other times he’ll eat me out of house and home. That’s a boy for you. His favorite ice cream is Starbuck’s Java Chip (mine, too!). He drives me crazy with the cat, mostly because the place is so small and he can find all of Sampson’s hiding places (most repeated line this year: “Leave the cat alone.”)

I can’t believe he’s in kindergarten and reading and writing his name and doing easy math. He’s getting so big and he’s so smart. He makes friends easily and he’s very outgoing. He’ll walk right up to other kids, introduce himself, and ask what their name is. He’s amazing in every way.

Okay. Enough mushiness. Happy Birthday, Sweetie Boy!

I’m off to my day-long meeting… and I have about 134098 things to do for the move. Where do I begin??

By Michelle

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