Book Review: Highway To Hell

Highway to Hell is the third installment of the Maggie Quinn: Girl vs. Evil books. Personally, it’s my favorite of the three. It could be that it’s set in South Texas and my home state is close to my heart. But actually, I think it’s a combination of things which I’ll get to here in a sec.

It’s Spring Break and Maggie and her best friend, Lisa, are headed to South Padre Island. Maggie’s excuse is to do an exposé for her college newspaper. But on their midnight drive, Maggie and Lisa encounter a dead bovine in the road, causing them to wreck the Jeep. Maggie knows something is up right away, due to her Sight, and realizes there are bigger, badder forces at work here.

They’re rescued by one of the locals, Zeke, who is a young good ole boy and the grandson of the Matriarch of the County. As Maggie and Lisa dig deeper into the mystery of the dead cow, they realize they’ve stumbled upon a demon-infested town. El Chupacabra is terrorizing the locals and killing livestock. Now with the help of her Super Evil Genius best friend, Lisa, her paladin boyfriend, Justin, and his theological friend, Henry, Maggie sets out to solve the mystery and vanquish the demon. Go, Maggie!

There’s a lot for me to love about Highway To Hell. It has sharp wit, a kick-ass story and characters you love. Oh, and did I mention the awesome movie references? That’s quite appealing to me because I’m a movie-nerd myself. And it does help the author refers to some of my favorite movies of all time (Star Wars and Indiana Jones, anyone?). I loved this YA Paranormal, which I think is some of the most unique storytelling I’ve seen in the genre. Maggie’s narration (it’s written in first person) is spot on. Her observations are intelligent and witty. I felt like I was in Dulcina watching the action unfold with her. If you’re after a book with awesome characters who double as demon-slayers, you’ll want to read Highway To Hell. And if you’ve missed the other books? Pick them up, okay? Check out Rosemary’s website for more information.

By Michelle

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