Book Signing Fun

I had a really lovely time on Friday signing books with fellow Plotting Princesses Sasha Summers, Kelly Lee, Karilyn Bentley and Liese Sherwood at A Real Bookstore. I felt like a real-live author. Oh, wait. I AM a real live author! 😀

The store is amazing. There’s a small cafe inside it serving beer and wine. How could you not love that?

Husband took this picture of me before the festivities began. The store ordered twelve books for me and I sold all but two. To people I don’t know, even! I was very excited.

We had a brief Q&A session at the beginning and people asked a lot of great questions. It was fun talking about how I got the idea for the book, who my characters were (hot Scotsman!) and how long it took to write the book.

Afterward, the husband and I went to have a late dinner/drinks with a close friend of mine who came by. I had a delicious apple martini, which I posted on Pinterest. We didn’t leave there until after 11 pm and it was an hour drive home that night. Granted, the bookstore is far from where I live but it was so worth it. I would go there again in a heartbeat.

Fell into bed late Friday night but I was still so tired on Saturday, I ended up taking a two hour nap. It was much needed. We did a few random things on Saturday. That night, we played some cards and taught ourselves how to play Rummy. Sunday was about grocery shopping (ugh) and laundry (ugh again). But Sunday is also cooking on the grill day. Which ALSO means cocktails! I love making martinis when we grill. It’s my thing.

I’m happy this is going to be a short week for me–I’m off on Friday and the next Monday. WOOHOO! I love four day weeks. I think they should be mandatory!

Happy Monday, ya’ll.

By Michelle

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