Book Update

Yesterday I received the art request form for the cover design of my book with Samhain. WOOHOO! I’m very happy about that. I’ve already started filling it in. I usually have a mini-character sketch for my books, but for some reason, I didn’t have a physical description of my characters on this one. BAH. So I will have to create it from scratch, which is okay. It will force me to think about the book again. I already have in mind what I want for the cover, so it really should be a snap for the graphic artists. At least, I hope so.

I also received the blurb information page which will be used for promotional purposes. Excitement! I will be filling that in today as well. That’s already written, so no sweat. I’ll probably tweak it up a bit before submitting.

I finalized my two contest entries – one for the SARA Merritt and one for the Winter Rose. I want to get them in the mail this week so I don’t forget and miss the deadline. It took all my brainpower to rewrite that synopsis for the SARA, but I got it done and it’s ready to go.

Next I really need to look at Nice Girls Do again. I’m setting a goal to have it finished by mid-February so I can get it pitched and (hopefully) sold to Samhain as the second on the Coffee House Chronicles.

Stayed up late watching Season Two of Sex and the City. That show cracks me up! I still laughed out loud at it. I will continue on with Season Two tonight. I want to watch 2-3 episodes a night, especially since I missed some of them.

And that’s about all I have to report at this time. Back to work! :whip:

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