Flights of Fantasy: A Collection of Short Stories

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Genre: Fantasy and Fantasy Romance

Flights of Fantasy, a fantasy anthology by Michelle Miles, introduces you to the world of Emhain, where dragons still fly the skies and Elves and Men fight against the darkness to win back their realm.

The Usurper: In Vundor City, as Queen Darya gives birth to her son and crown prince, she is delivered devastating news—her husband and king has been killed on the battlefield. The usurper—the king’s brother—claims the throne for himself and orders the death of the newborn son and the queen. Now, Darya must find a way to survive to make sure her son is returned to his rightful place on the throne.

Eorwulf: The only respite Meira has from her illness is writing in her journal and remembering Eorwulf. Or is he merely someone her imagination has conjured? She scribes every brush of his lips on hers, every touch of his hands. He knows her secrets and promises to take her away from all the pain. As Meira writes in her journal, the ink staining her fingers, it brings her closer and closer to Eorwulf.

The Dragon Master: As the Elven girl, Fyre, escapes Vundor City to return to her clan, she is confronted by the Dragon Master who wants the ultimate price for her using magic to call a dragon—her freedom. Will Fyre make it back to her realm or will the Dragon Master claim his unwilling prize?

A Dance Among the Faeries: In 1885 Ireland, Lillian Wood visits her Aunt Myrtle during the summer of her sixteenth year. When the magical woods behind Lochland House beckons her that summer evening, she finds she cannot resist a dance among the faeries.

An Ancient Magic: Queen Darya, now living in a small village, has adapted to life as a peasant. She has even found love once again. But when a dark sorcerer threatens her and her young son, Brenden, she knows her disguise will soon be exposed but an unlikely ally arrives to protect them both.