Nice Girls Do

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Book 2 in the Coffee House Chronicles

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Who said turning over a new leaf was such a good idea anyway?

Cara Davis wants to be a nice girl. She really does. So she quits her job at the strip club and takes a job at The Bitter End coffee shop, even dating the owner’s nice son, David.

Mark Sawyer used to be bad, but now he’s mended his ways. He comes to The Bitter End to make amends with his mother, but his attempt is rebuffed by both her and his baby brother. Worse, David is dating the newest hire, a buxom blonde Mark is sure he’s seen somewhere before. He sets his sights on Cara with every intention of stealing her away. Sometimes it’s good to be bad.

With the coffee house in danger of closing its doors forever, Cara and Mark team up to save the day. The only problem is, Cara can’t stop herself from falling in love with the bad boy. And damn it, she’s tried so hard to be good!

Like good coffee, the longer Mark and Cara’s desire brews, the stronger it gets. And once their passion percolates, there’s sure to be plenty of steam…

The reviews are in!

4 1/2 smacks from Mistress Bella Reviews:
“…I got carried away by their story and was thrilled with a very satisfying ending. This is a definite must read for anyone who loves an erotic story but with lots of sweet elements.”
Review by Valerie Mann
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4 1/2 blue ribbons from Romance Junkies:
“Michelle Miles shows readers just how fun being bad can be…there’s an intense emotional bond that develops which really captures your attention…very poetic.”
Review by Chrissy Dionne
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4 out of 5 cups from Coffee Time Romance:
“…sinfully satisfying…electrifying characters. Very well written and tastefully erotic, Michelle Miles has brewed a wake up to rival any espresso caffeine high. You will not be disappointed”.
Review by Bonnie-Lass
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4 out of 5 angels from Fallen Angel Reviews:
“When Cara and Mark come together sexually, it is hot and defiantly not for good girls or boys! This story has an uplifting message that although it may be hard, you can choose to change your life if you want to and you don’t have to give up everything!”
Review by Stephanie B.
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