Books ‘n Such

Quote Du Jour:
I’ve come across the desert
To greet you with a smile
My camel looks so tired
It’s hardly worth my while
To tell you of my travels
Across the golden East
I see your preparations
Invite me first to feast
–Squeeze, Take Me, I’m Yours

This weekend was virtually unproductive. I didn’t even leave the house yesterday. I did get all the laundry done and put away early Sunday, so that was nice. I spent a good portion of the weekend doing this. It’s not perfect yet and there’s a typo on one of the pages, but at least it’s up and running. I will tinker more tonight and get it closer to perfection.

I should have been working on my blurbs, but instead I spent about 20 hours on the computer searching for the perfect look for the new site. My other site will be undergoing a complete redesign in the next few weeks or so. I will probably ditch the overall Celtic feel and go more toward a fantasy feel. I really need to devote more time to writing instead of tinkering on the durn website(s).

Got no writing done this weekend, as usual. But I did get the chapter newsletter completed except for one piece. I should be ready to print and go on Wednesday.

I’m ordering new cushions and covers for my couches today. Thank goodness. The ones we have now are nearly threadbare. It took order two rounds of swatches to pick out colors that would fit with our current décor. Still not sure if I’m crazy about it, but it was a compromise with the husband. He wanted the entire thing (bolster pillows and arm rests) to be in this dark stripe, but I talked him into going with a coordinating solid for those things. I just thing that much stripe would look … blech.

Finished reading Hard Day’s Knight by Katie MacAlister. Fantastic book. Loved it. Can’t wait for her new book, Blow Me Down, in November. Even though I loved the book and read it fairly quickly, I was sad when I finished it. I miss the characters. I can only hope that my readers feel the same way about my characters. *sigh*

I started reading Sandy Blair’s A Rouge in a Kilt this weekend after finishing the other book.

Should be getting my new books this week – two research books and two fantasy books by Patricia A. McKillip. I’ve always liked this author since high school and try to read all of her stuff. Although, I must say, I’ve read Winter Rose twice now and still find it hard to follow. The second time I read it, I finally “got” more of the storyline.

Welp, have covers to laminate, so best get to it.

By Michelle

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