I’m writing this is the wee hours of the night, but when you read this, it will be early morning.

Yesterday started off…way too early. I got up early because my internal clock is programmed that way. So I started laundry and dishes and cleaning. The cat was happy because he got his box clean and fresh water. I vacuumed, too, and got all the cat hair, food crumbs, everything up. We ran errands – needed milk and bread – and then went to the bank and made a deposit and a withdrawal.

I made the grave error of waiting until 4 pm to head across town to my mom’s. I really needed to get my tires rotated so I did that first. It took 45 minutes but I got it done. I finally got on the freeway right at… 5 pm. Bumper to bumper traffic. Yuck. My normal 40 minute drive took…TWO HOURS. I thought I would be smartand avoid the traffic in the downtown canyon. Instead, I decided to take the bypass (a.k.a Woodall Rodgers) and that was a mistake. Bumper to freaking bumper and the exit to 75 was a nightmare. And then I realized my biggest error of all – not taking the canyon. Because, if I had taken the canyon, then I could have taken the HOV lane all the way to my mom’s. I am SUCH an idiot.

And there was a wreck that miraculously cleared up just as I got there and then the freeway was smooth sailing. Naturally. I muttered under my breath what a jackass I was and that if I had been smart, I could be in the HOV lane avoiding the mess.

The kiddo, riding in the passenger seat, said, “Well, Mom. At least when we come home, we won’t have to fight this mess.” Where does he get this stuff? He sounds so grown-up sometimes.

So, Sonic was in order. As was onion rings. I woofed down a cheeseburger and cherry coke, too, while we waited for my sis to get there. The kiddo played in the backyard and Mom and I visited. My sister didn’t make it until nearly 9 pm. And of course we had to all visit. And drink coffee. So I could stay awake on the way home. Which made it nearly it impossible for me to go to sleep, hence the reason I’m writing this blog entry at nearly midnight. I’m still wide awake. The boys are sawing logs. It’s like I took a No-Doze or something. 😯

Anyway. They talked the entire way home in the backseat.


Cousin: “Hey, where I live, they are always remodeling the good roads. ”
Kiddo: “Why would they do such a thing?”

It was making me laugh. And then they talked about war games and computer games and the Gameboy. And more games. And the computer. And more games. See the trend?

As soon as we hit the door, the kiddo wanted to show his cousin everything under the sun in his room. It took a lot of doing to get them settled down, into their PJs and into bed. But once they did…they were out.

Tomorrow I’m thinking the Fort Worth Water Gardens in are order. And maybe the Omni. I hope it’s not THAT crowded but seeing as how it’s Spring Break, they crawl out of the woodwork.

And hopefully, when you read this, I will still be in Dreamland. Hey, I can hope can’t I?

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.