I had an idea while vacuuming today regarding the action/adventure serial, Ransom & Fortune. I think I’d like to use the alternate reality thing but add something a little more…dark to it. Not only is their time machine altering their reality, but it is altering them. *evil maniacal laugh* This opens up lots of possibilities for the characters. I’m thinking that the time traveling device could alter them to bring out their true character. Is she really a bad girl, deep down? Is he really a killer? The only way they can get back to normal is to get back to their time.

Okay, I’ll admit some of this idea stemmed from watching too many episodes of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. I guess that’s what happens when it’s on every Saturday and Sunday morning. Okay, I’ll admit too that and Kim Possible are my favorite cartoons.

Dang I’m weary today. I did all the laundry and put it away, vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen, swept the floors, picked up the clutter… I’m all tuckered out.

At least the air conditioner is working again up here. That’s a wonderful thing.

I have some issues to write while the baby boy is sleeping, so I best get to it (after I play with my new clipart that is).

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.