I made it to Wednesday. 🙂

Yesterday was better. I got Pei Wei and pigged out on the sweet and sour chicken. There’s just something about Chinese food that makes you fee better. And then last night I had a stack of double stuff Oreo cookies and a large glass of milk.

I did a lot of brainstorming on the new WIP yesterday. I figured out who my characters were and wrote a lot of background stuff that won’t make it into the book. But sometimes you have to do that to know who, what, when, why and why not. I figured out both the Hero and Heroine, their history, how they met, why they met, and their brief love affair. The story picks up two years after their split with lots and lots of questions. And a ton of action. I also figured out how the stone tablet figures into the story. At first I thought it was a treasure map, but the way I set up the backgrounds of the characters I knew it had to lead to something bigger. I talked with Man about it during lunch (he always humors me with my crazy ideas) and he gave me some ideas about it. Then, later, I had a great epiphany about the map. It’s still a map but it doesn’t exactly lead to a treasure of worth. 🙂

So now I feel like I can start writing. Even though I don’t have an outline yet or a synopsis, I’m going to let the Pantser in me take over and write this one. I have the big picture, the end, and some fantastic scenes in between. I’m ready to run with it.

I was so exhausted last night – I think from the restless night before (a neighborhood dog barked until nearly 2 am!), my allergies and the heat. I just laid on the couch like a slug and watched POTC:3. I fell asleep before it was over and managed to wake up before the big battle. That’s when I turned it off and went to bed.  

The cat woke me up at 5:30 this morning because his bowl was empty. GRR I finally dragged myself up to feed him. And I’m writing this in the early morning hours and about to make coffee and jump in the shower. I have to drive to Dallas today. Certainly not my favorite thing at all.

But after work today, I’m going to Best Buy and drooling over the netbooks. I’m slowly talking myself into one because I can use it on the go and I can take it to Nationals next month. And it’s a tax write-off. Right? 🙂

By Michelle

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