Brownies, Anyone?

Carol of the Day: Silent Night

Last night I managed to bake a batch of brownies and NOT burn them.

*clap* *cheer*

I had a little helper too. Against my initial wishes, Sweetie Boy brought his chair over to the kitchen counter, stood in his chair, and helped me mix. Told me what a good mixer I was. He then licked the beaters while I got the batch into the pan. They came out great! I brought them to the office. In fact, they’re nearly gone.

Tonight – I will attempt Batch #2 of the magic cookie bars. Here’s hoping I won’t burn them this time. :dead:

I love that Christmas is on the weekend this year. That makes for a really nice holiday. No rushing around from work to home to the next party on Christmas Eve. Just taking it easy, baking, and getting ready for Christmas Day. For Eve, we’ll be at a family party and then it’s back to our house for having our family Christmas. Then Christmas Day Morning, we’ll be doing our little family Christmas, then that afternoon it’s off to my mom’s for Christmas dinner and MORE gifts. Looks like the entire family will be there. I’m looking forward to it.

After my brainstorm session with my friend on Sunday, I pulled out my notes on MAGIC and made some tweaks. I’m working on a scene that will follow up where I left up – but don’t have the in between stuff yet (Yes, I am a Scener/Pantser). I’m not quite where I want to be yet with that scene, but I’m getting there. I’m trying to decide how much information the heroine should reveal to the hero and what his deep dark secret is. Wait, that’s not entirely true. I know what his deep dark secret is, I just don’t know the WHY yet. I’m getting there.

And then I have this secondary character people are loving. He’s sort of supposed to be a bad guy, but he keeps being sympathetic to my heroine. Which surprises even me. So I think he could potentially be a dark hero in one of the future books. I’d like to at least do a trilogy, but I have ideas for a series. I’m trying to keep it simple here, though. So lots to think about. At least I’m getting some work done on MAGIC.

I’ve also been thinking about the medieval I’ve been neglecting. I still haven’t finished it – and I’m SO close to finishing it. I should get my ass in gear and finish it already.

And of course, the follow up to Talk Dirty To Me needs to be written. I have too many unfinished manuscripts.

So here’s my list of Things To Do in 2006:

1. Finish the rewrite on MAGIC
2. Finish the medieval
3. Finish the second book in the Coffee House Chronicles
4. Edit Ransom & Fortune (formerly with KIC)
5. Edit Scars of Yesterday (formerly with KIC)

It’ll be a lot of writing. But if I can hunker down and do it – I will have three complete manuscripts, possibly more if I can get the two serials edited and broken into novellas.

Okay that’s it for me. I’m off to eat more brownies!

By Michelle

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