BRR – it’s cold!

Song of the Day: November Rain by Guns N Roses

Yesterday I got my editorial schedule for my book.

Wait. Let me say that again… Yesterday I got my editorial schedule for my book. I love the way that sounds. Final edits need to be done and turned in by April 1 and then the tentative release date is:

drum roll please

July 4, 2006

TADA! :thumbsup:

Okay I just really think that is a sign. My first book being released on Independence Day – it’s a sign I tell you! I can’t wait for the cover art! WOO!


I tell ya – yesterday was a damn good day. I got a call at the office from an account executive with the Dallas Stars. Nice guy. Wanting to hook us up with a group night at a game. Of course, I’m all for that, but you know.. there aren’t many Stars fans in the office (sadly). They are more baseball/football fans (yick). So anyway, I’m talking to this guy and I tell him to email me some information regarding the group night. He THEN offers me four FREE tickets to tonight’s game. WOO! SO freaking cool I can’t stand it. I was even going to get to wear my Nieuwendyk jersey AND watch him skate (I love that man… he’s my absolute favorite Hockey Boy).

However… the weather here is nasty. It’s sleeting and raining and should be good and icy by this evening. Which means… I’m not going to the game. :censored:

Sad. Very sad. So I was a good girl and emailed him this morning and told him I wouldn’t make it. 😥

And back to the weather… Cold. Freaking cold. The high is supposed to be like 30 day. Here’s our forecast for the day:

Sleet and freezing rain will glaze roads, bridges and overpasses and all surfaces with a layer of ice today.
Driving could become treacherous by afternoon.
Some light snow may also move into our area late by evening, but no significant accumulation of snow is expected.
Temperatures dropping to the 20s and 30s

Nice. I actually had a thought this morning and brought in some firewood before it all got wet. GO ME!

My deadline at work today got pushed back to next week. So.. woohoo on that one!

By Michelle

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