Quote of the Day:
Seek respect mainly from thyself, for it comes first from within.
– Steven H. Coogler

My horoscope for the day seems to be telling me something:

After all that tension and nonsense, you’re golden. The universe has finally seen fit to arrange for things to go easily for you — yes, just this once. And as for that new admirer who hasn’t exactly been easy to get together with? All those roadblocks will be removed and connecting will actually be easy. Now stop worrying about what’s in the past. It may not have been pleasant, but it’s over.

Okay, I get it! Stop being a worrier. Right? Sometimes that’s easier said than done.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my desolate entry yesterday. It’s times like these when you know who your true friends are and I have discovered I have quite a lot of them. I love you all. Now then, you made me get all mushy and shit, so thanks for that. 😉

I had a nice long talk with my best good friend yesterday afternoon. She made a lot of sense. Thanks, girl. You know I needed that. It helped to put my mind at ease. Coming to grips with my situation is what I need to do. It’s time to get over the past, stop torturing myself, and move on. I know this, in the back of my mind. I really do. But getting there and making myself see the light at the end of the tunnel is a difficult thing. It’s hard when all I can think about is the well-being of my child.

Anyway…It’ll get better. It has to. Right?

This weekend, Winter makes another appearance here in North Texas. It’s going to be COOOOOOOOOOOOLD and by that I mean, it won’t get out of the 30s for the high all weekend. We’re supposed to have sleet and ice Saturday and Sunday too. I’ll have my son with me all weekend, so we’re going to cozy up with the cat and wait it out. Wish I could get out and take him somewhere, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to work out. The satellite dude is supposed to show up tomorrow between the convenient hours of 8-5. I hope he doesn’t cancel on me with the foul weather. If it’s sleets and ices here in North Texas, people get weird. No one knows how to drive on it down here and I’m betting there’ll be quite a few wrecks this weekend. I’m staying in for sure. I need to get to the grocery store this weekend and get some food before the ice storm hits. THAT should be lovely, let me tell you. I’m sure there are those who are stocking up on stuff. I should have gone last night, but Sweetie Boy and I went to Applebee’s for our Thursday night out and then we went back to my house and he played with the cat. Then I watched the encore presentation of Grey’s Anatomy.

I missed the big episode after the Super Bowl. I knew the gist of the story, so I was glad to see the second part. I LOVED the end where Derek is telling Meredith about their last kiss. Talk about romantic. It made me swoon.

My Sysenlaw has her test today for work. Good luck! Let me know how it goes!

Okay… Off to work.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.