Busy Saturday

First…I just want to say … :censored: YOU SPAMMERS! I finally had it after getting THREE HUNDRED spam messages A DAY on this blog. I installed a couple of plug-ins so hopefully that will help. Still getting the spam, but it’s not as bad as it has been. Just give them time, though, eh?

Second…trying to install new smilies, but am having a total brain meltdown and can’t think what I’m missing here. ARGH. I’m annoying myself. :yelling:

Got up early this morning and ran to the post office (it was uneventful) and then went to get he car washed because it was filthy. Then it was on to grocery shopping and then Wal-Mart where I got this very cool TV stand for $40. Well, originally I had one for $20 but my TV was too big for it (yes, I was retarded and forgot to measure before I went!) so had to take it back and get the proper size. I think I’ll put it together tomorrow night when I don’t have a little helper.

Cleaned off my desk and organized. It looks much better.

The fam and I are going to Ikea tomorrow. I’m excited! I can’t wait! I’ve never been and they have this retro couch I’m hot to have. Going to see how it feels and if I really do like it in person as much as I like it in their catalog. I’m sooooo ready for grown-up furniture.

Time for the kiddo’s bath and then I think I’m going to have a chat with Ms. Clairol. :hehe:

I’m a total :loser:. Figured out my problem on my blog and got the new smilies working so here they are:


All courtesy of my Sysenlaw!

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