Canadian Bound!

My good friend who lives in Canada is getting married next May. I’m thrilled for her! She also asked me to be in the wedding, which means a trip to Saint John, New Brunswick. I’m definitely up for it! So I said yes. And because I’ve never really traveled alone, I decided I needed to take someone with me. I invited my mom. I think the two of us will have a grand time. After some cajoling, she said yes! So it looks like we’ll be heading to Canada next spring for my friend’s wedding. I can’t wait! I’m really looking forward to it.

I’m in the process of getting my passport. I figured I better start NOW so I don’t have to expedite. I’ve already checked into airfare and hotel prices to get an idea so I can start planning a budget. Then I gotta figure out spending money and if we decide to rent a car (which is likely).

I took the kiddo to school this morning and it was just starting to rain. The moment I dropped him off and he ran into the school, the bottom fell out. Literally. I drove to work at 40 mph on the freeway in a torrential downpour. I could barely see in front of me. And it was thundering and lightning. No hail, though, which is a good thing.

It took me a little bit extra time to get to the office. I took my time, too, because I didn’t want to have an incidentials. Thankfully, people were driving like normal folks. By the time I got to downtown, it had slowed way, way down.

I hear I’m going to get my recession money direct deposited on the 16th of May. Very happy about that. Then I can almost pay off the computer! YAY!

I better get busy working. It’s going to be one of THOSE days I think…

By Michelle

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