Car Drama: The Final Episode

First and foremost – Happy birthday to my sweetie boy! He turns 11 today and it seems like yesterday when he was born. *sniff*

I know you’re all on pins and needles about my car situation. I can tell by the looks of despair you’re giving the blog. Here is your long-awaited update (yes, that was sarcasm). 😉 In case you’re wondering, this is a picture of the car that is the bane of my existence for these last few weeks. It looks cute, but don’t let that fool you. It’s a monster in blue paint.

Man called another dealership to ask their advice. The service manager said we should give them one more shot before going elsewhere. Fair enough. So after a week of listening to the car rattle—and it wasn’t any minor little noise, either—Man took the car back to the dealer. I would not be participating in that venture. See, he was of a mind that they should fix what they broke. I couldn’t disagree with that logic. But I was annoyed that I would have to sink more money into this never-ending black hole of a car. Why don’t I just empty my savings account right now and hand all the money over to the dealership? I’m cynical. What do you want?

Anyway. On Tuesday, I drove to work and Man took the car to the dealership. The service rep who had been *cough* helping *cough* us heard him drive into the garage—I mean, c’mon. The rattling is so loud, I can’t order at a drive-through with the AC on. I can hear it over my radio. I’m not sure what words were exchanged, but I do know the phrase “you can’t seem to fix it” (I’m paraphrasing) was used. Talk about lighting a fire under their ass.

They assured him, once again, they would “get us fixed up.” Uh huh. Heard that one before.

Not long after, Man got the call from the dealership. Apparently it has a busted fan. Oh, ya think? They wanted another $360 to fix it and guess what? They didn’t have the part. They would have to order it and it wouldn’t be in until Thursday or Friday. Seriously? I thought dealerships would have parts to their own cars. I was mad. Again. I told him I thought they should eat the cost because I have a strong feeling it was busted BY THEM. I never had these problems before I took it to them to have the compressor replaced. And why should we be inconvenienced YET AGAIN by picking up and brining back?

Well, Man, who was quite livid at this point, contacted the General Manager of the dealership who then got involved. I’ve spent a lot of money there and had my car fixed numerous times, so the lack of customer services this go-round has been highly disappointing.

In the end, I got the fix for free but only AFTER the husband had to chew on them and get a higher power involved in the matter. It’s sad, really.

I’m relieved it’s finally fixed. The car finally drives like it’s supposed to and there’s no more rattling. I can honestly tell you it will be a cold day in Hell before I go back to that dealership.

By Michelle

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