Cat-Cat & Straight Jackets

32 more working hours until Spring Break 

My cat has decided he has a new favorite place.

Man. He so has the life. Of course, he promptly got disgusted with me when I took this picture, and this is what I saw next:

“I’m outta here.”

I think he woulda shot me the bird if he could have, don’t you? 😉

Anyway. I did get some words in on the dragon story. Not many, but some. And as I was writing, I got one of those writer ephiphanies. It was totally cool. I’m writing this female character that has interaction with my hero and I discover that she’s an elf! Which was a surprise to me.

I’ve never ever written elves into my fantasies. I just find them to be sort of…used. Cliched, if you will. So, usually, I try to stay away from them. But this totally seemed to work. She’s tall and regal and beautiful, as most elves are, but I think there must be something dark about her because she told my hero that “not many live to tell about us” – meaning not many humans live to tell about seeing an elf.

I have no idea what all that means. But that’s what she said.

I mentioned this to my Best Good Friend and the fact that I love it when my characters “speak” to me and she said, “Writers really are insane.”

Yes. We totally are. If we weren’t writers, we’d be in straight jackets. 🙂

Talked to Sweetie Boy on the phone last night and he was very happy to report he got a green at school. He then told me he only had “four more to go” and then he’d get his light saber. Bribery can be a wonderful thing sometimes. haha

Not much else happening. I’m just counting down the minutes until Spring Break is in full swing. I’m totally looking forward to the week with my baby. How many working hours are left? 😉

By Michelle

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