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Quote of the Day:
Some of us are boot girls. Others—the Goody Two-Shoes of this world—are not.
–Catherine Wilson, Harper’s Bazaar

I got a cat! He’s gray and white, declawed and neutered and his name is Sampson. Oh he’s sweet! Of course he hates me right now but he’ll get over it. He growled and hissed at me as I left for work this morning. AW, kitty. I love you. 🙂

I actually found him through the newspaper’s online ads. A couple was getting rid of their two cats because their young children had allergies. I went over and met Sampson. When I rang the doorbell, he ran to the door like a dog. Cracked me up. At the time, he was super friendly. Did the whole pet-himself-on-my-hand thing. I love that about cats. He purred and meowed. I left to buy a litter box (got the starter kit) and when I came back, they had managed to get the cat in the carrier for the ride to his new home. Needless to say, he was NOT happy. The cool thing was they gave me the rest of their food, a whole new thing of litter, a very cool auto-water dish, AND the carrier.

Sampson didn’t want to come out of his crate when I got him home. I fixed up the cat box, put his food and water out, and tried to coax him. He hissed and then growled at me. :hehe: He finally let me pet him on the head later, but he still wouldn’t come out. Sometime during the night, he ended up under the bed. I found him this morning and he growled and hissed. Not a happy kitty at all. Poor fella. He’s just in a new place with new people and he can’t figure out why. I know JUST how that feels too. I think we’ll get along famously.

Tonight, I’m going to swing by the pet store and see if I can get him a special treat that will make him like me.

I had dinner with my old friend last night at this local Mexican place. I had a beer (YUM) and she had a margarita on the rocks. We talked and discovered that after 10+ years, we aren’t so different from each other after all. We still kept in touch through the years after school, but we really never hung out much. It seems we have more in common these days than we did years ago. And we agreed we should see each other more than once a year!

Saturday my satellite TV will finally be hooked up! Thank goodness. I am about to go MAD. I’d like to at least watch the local news and see what the weather is like. I’ve been missing my favorite shows, the hockey games, and now the Winter Olympics. I love the Winter Olympics!

Well…time to work. My Girl Scout Cookies came in today. Holy crap I spent $17.50 on them. Like I need that many…

By Michelle

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