Catching My Breath

This weekend was extremely busy for me. And it flew by!

Saturday was the monthly chapter meeting which I prepared for all week. Yes, all week. It’s because I forget stuff and I have to write everything down and keep a list of notes. The meeting was really good and I think (I hope) people are excited about where we’re going for the next year. I have to write up an email for the group to send out and let everyone know what we’re doing.

After the meeting, I took the kiddo to get his hair cut and then to buy the rest of his school clothes. My gal cuts his hair and she did a great job and he looks too cute. We got three more pairs of jeans and a pair of running pants he can wear for soccer practice (he likes to have his legs covered – he’s a weird kid I guess). By the time we finished that, we made it home wher Man and his daughter were hanging out. They dashed off an hour of so later while the kid and I had some dinner and I basically just did nothing the rest of the night. Except for be cranky.

Can I just say I’m just about sick of this heat? Yeah, totally ready for fall, football and hockey season!

Anyway, Sunday got up super early. Don’t ask me why. I couldn’t sleep past 7. So I got up, made coffee, started laundry, cooked breakfast. Fed the kid, got the kid dressed and then got dressed myself. By the time Man emerged from the bedroom, I’d done three loads of laundry, breakfast dishes, AND started a pot of beans. That’s sick, huh?

Then it was off to church while Man stayed home and mowed. I love my lawn service. 😀 We had McDonald’s for lunch because we were all starving. And it was good fat food, too.

But my marathon didn’t stop there. We went to the grocery store. A nearly two-hour undertaking. Kill me. And it was HOT as HADES. We finally get back from there, get everything put away. Went to the Farmers Market for fresh fruit and veggies (YUM) and came home and got to work. Cleaned the cat box, vacuumed, made dinner and FINALLY sat down at around 7 for the first time all day! Talk about tired.

So we watched some TV and I have to confess I think I’m hooked on Shark Tank already. Those investors are ruthless! I love it! HA!

Got the kid in the bed, spend some QT with Man and the collapsed into bed. Literally. Today I have to get to two banks and the post office because I have a stack of stuff to mail. And I’m STILL behind on emails. ACK.

BUT! At least all my judging for contests is finished.

And, oh hey! I got my interview questions for the Houston column. I’ll be getting them done today or tomorrow. She has a spot open Thursday. As soon as I have the link, I’ll share! Very excited about that. Love doing interviews. They’re so much fun.

This week and next are the last two weeks left of summer. And then school starts on the 24th and the kiddo’s birthday is the 30th and I’ve done NOTHING. I need to figure out what I’m going to get him. I think I’m going to delay his birthday party by a couple of weeks so I can catch my breath from all the school shopping and getting ready for school. There’s a place here called Incredible Pizza I’m thinking of having his party at. Should be a good time.

And that’s all for me. I’m wrapping up and heading to the office. Happy Monday, ya’ll!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.