Catching Up

Whew! I’ve been busy.

Jury duty really threw a monkey wrench in my day on Monday. I was stuck there until nearly 5 pm. We were required to report to the courthouse at 9:30 and of course I was early. They kept us waiting in the drafty hall sitting on hard benches until around 11 when the decided to dismiss us for an extended lunch. I met Man at PF Chang’s and we had hot tea and soup and it was great. It was very cold outside. He had to get back but I had another hour to kill so I went to the bookstore and wandered through the shelves for a while. Walking back to the courthouse was awful. Directly into the cold, damp wind.

More sitting on hard benches and we finally got inside to the selection process. It was a civil case – one person suing another for fraud. Two and a half hours (and a full bladder! all that tea and, oh yeah, we stopped at Starbucks, too…I was DYING) later, they put us back into the hall for selection. More waiting. More standing. More sitting.

Back in the courtroom, they picked their six people. The trial would last until Thursday but the rest of us got to leave. And since we were at the old courthouse, we had to walk to the new courthouse (about six blocks away) in the cold, damp air again to get our checks. Man came to pick me up and take me back to my car. He was awesome about that.

Left there and went directly to Wal-Mart because I forgot some things when I was shopping on Sunday. That happens when the store is a complete zoo and I have to herd an 8 year old. And of course, everything I needed was all at opposite ends of the store. I spent more time walking to get things than getting things.

Checked out. Got home around 6:30. Ate dinner. Wrote out Christmas cards (still not completley done). Then I parked on the sofa until after the 10 pm news. Man and I crashed hard. I was exhausted! Amazing how sitting and waiting can wear you out.

But I did catch up on my reading. Read through 55 pages of the new WIP and made some notations on where I am, where I’m going, and what needs to be changed. I’m also reading Beginning Joomla! and while it’s not exactly the most riveting reading, it is informative and interesting. It’s something I have to learn for the job and I figured since I have to learn it, I may as well try and apply it to my own website (it’s a content manager).

I think I’m just about ready to start wrapping Christmas presents. It’s been very cold here – and is supposed to be for the next few days. It’s been in the 30s at night and not getting out of the 50s during the day. It really puts me into the spirit of the season. Man and I have tickets to The Nutcracker on Saturday and I’m REALLY looking forward it. That and getting my hair done. I’m sick of seeing these gray roots.

And that’s about all I got today. It’s already Wednesday? Where does the time go? I have about 15 packages to mail today. The post office is going to hate me. Maybe I’ll split it up into two or three trips so I’m not an annoying person.

Happy Wednesday!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.