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Picture Me Friday & I love Zappos!

It’s Friday. It’s the end of the second week of January… and I thought I could use a little fun. So, here is Picture Me Friday which includes the cat, new bedding and SHOES! Indy This past weekend, the kiddo and I put together his Indiana Jones temple from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Six hundred pieces and three hours later, here is the fruits of our labor: It’s actually pretty cool but the pieces keep falling off. Seriously considerly glueing it all together. LOL Sampson (a.k.a. CAT CAT) The other day when I came home from work, I found this: and this: Sampson is trying to look all innocent but I know what he was up to. He was in my chairs doing naughty things while I was at work. Bad, kitty, bad! Here he tries to make up for it. You can’t fool us, Sampson, with your sweet little face. We know what you’ve been up to! Shoes I had told myself if I sold TAKE ME I’M YOURS, my reward would be a new pair of shoes. Well, Zappos was having a sale, in which I was powerless to resist. So on Wednesday I ordered two pair and chose the free shipping, which is 4-5 business days. I figure, no sweat, I can wait. BUT! I get this email from them and they have upgraded me at no cost to FREE overnight shipping. OMG I love them. They rock. SO! I got my new shoes TODAY instead of…

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I’m a nerd

Hey I’m blogging over at Southern Fried Chicas today so check it out. And tomorrow is Free Book Friday! So come back for your chance to win a copy of A Bend In Time! I have officially crossed the line into nerdom. Not that I wasn’t one already. I mean, I was in band after all and I did play MajorMUD online for years before BBSes went by the wayside (in case you’re wondering BBSes were around LONG before there was an Internet… I thought I was so cool when I got my 2400 baud modem haha). Anyhoo… I recently purchased the lovely pair you see here (another Zappos special). I bought my size, but they were a 1/2 size too big. Zappos is so wonderful, I could exchange them. Free shipping both ways. So naturally I did. I was so happy to have them, that after I tried them on and saw how delightful they were, I felt compelled to write an online review of them at Zappos. Hence the reason I’ve crossed over into nerdom. When I told Best Good Friend about this, the email response I got back was: “Geek”. And I totally am. Ah well. I have a thing for shoes; what can I say? These Gabriella Rocha shoes are wickedly sexy. And they should be with a 4 1/2 inch heel, right? My friend at work asked me how I could possibly walk in them and not fall and break my neck. They have the very thin…

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