Change of a Dress

So I’ve been having dress nightmares. One is that I can’t get it on the plane, I have to check it, it gets lost. The other is it gets ruined on the beach, never to be worn again. I thought maybe I should find something else to wear that was beach-friendly but the local bridal shop (which is a chain) wanted me to spend $400 for an “inexpensive” dress. Really? I found a nice one online for $99. I bought it. It arrived. It fits. It’s pretty.

But it’s not the dress. And I think I’d regret it if I don’t wear it.

I’ve decided to take both. Wear one for the wedding and one for dinner. Overkill? Probably. I like to be prepared thought. 😉

We started packing some this weekend. I got all the luggage out. Got the toiletries gathered. I can’t believe it’s nearly here! And I have a super-awesome self-pampering day planned on Friday. Hair appointment, eyebrow wax, mani/pedi. And this week is going to be hectic at the office. I have very quick and easy meals planned since I expect to be working late. Plus we have basketball practice on Thursday.

Oh – and before I forget – Since I’ll be off galvanting through the sand and soaking up the sun, I didn’t want to leave my faithful blog readers all alone (all two or three of you – haha). I have a great line-up planned for next week, so be sure to stop by and give some blog-love to my guests. Okay?

Five Days!

By Michelle

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