Change of Plans

So yesterday I had planned to drive out to visit my mom, but as I was going to the post office, I got this from Sysenlaw in a text message:

Jason Arnott is here!

I called her immediately. You see, my niece is a figure skater and takes lessons at the StarsCenter. Part of the Dallas Stars were practicing that morning. She said they were going to take the ice at 11 and sign autographs after. “Get down here!” she said. So, since I really had nothing much else planned, I figured what the heck. Sweetie Boy and I got there just as the Stars were taking the ice and OH MAN were they gorgeous. This is a first time experience for me. I’ve been to the games, but I’ve never been able to be that up close and personal with them.

In the Stars Store, I bought some things that could be signed for me and the baby. I got a really cool new shirt and picked one out for the baby too, two practice pucks, stickers for the car (WOO! I can’t wait to get that on my car!), Sharpies to sign with. As I’m standing in line, Sweetie Boy sees wooden hockey sticks just his size at his eye level. He picks it up and says, “Mom, I want this!” so of course I add that to the list. Needless to say, I dropped a small fortune in the store, but hey – we’re worth it! 😉

I stood right on the edge of the practice rink at the glass and watched them. My arms and back are sore today from holding up my son. At one point Jason Arnott (#44) and Philippe Boucher (#43) were standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. The only thing separating me from manhandling that man (Boucher) was a pane of glass. OMG, he’s totally gorgeous. And holy crap is he tall. So is Arnott for that matter. Granted, he was wearing skates, but I swear I barely came to his shoulder (and I’m 5’7). Sysenlaw and I were beside ourselves and panting. Boucher actually turned around and grinned at us. He actually looked at me! We were so giddy we fogged up the glass and drew hearts.

The lady next to us asked if we were still 16 to which we heartily replied YES!

(In case you’re wondering, Sysenlaw decided she can have Arnott and I’ll take Boucher :hyper:)

We had a GREAT time and afterward went back to Sysenlaw’s house and had lunch while the kids played. I finally got to see that LOST episode I missed – The Long Con – and may I say Josh Holloway is so incredibly fine?

Anyway, I got Sweetie Boy home to his dad and went off to shop. I was in search of a holder for all my DVDs but couldn’t find anything that was inexpensive. I did, however, find four chair cushions for my dining chairs at Target for $5 a piece. WOOHOO! Today I have to get some groceries and I simply MUST get a vacuum cleaner. I can’t stand it. Then I need to box up this stuff I’m not going to unpack and get it into the outside storage. I can’t stand the boxes sitting around but I need to make sure they are airtight. I want to get to Wal-Mart today and Garden Ridge so I guess I better hop to it.

Oh, and the cat woke me up at 6:30 this morning. :plain:

By Michelle

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