Change of Scenery

New York Public Library

Yesterday was a difficult day. I got some news that wasn’t particularly good nor bad just… news. It left me feeling disappointed about things and about people in general.  

So I had some errands to do and when I got home, I ate a quick lunch and looked around the house and decided I didn’t want to sit here all day and dwell on things I can’t change. It’s like all the walls were closing in on me. I packed up my Mini and headed for the library. I got there a little after noon, I guess. I decided I needed a change of scenery and I needed to get some writing done. Lately, I’ve been distracted by things around the house, Twitter, Facebook, email, any number of excuses. Since I was feeling rather melancholy, I figured the best way to put those feelings aside was to get down to writing.

It’s so therapeutic sometimes.

I found a nice little desk in the library with a view overlooking the parking lot. Okay, so it wasn’t a great view, but at least I got some sunshine, even if it was 1000 degrees outside. I plugged up and got to work. I wrote. It was so quiet in there! Only the occasional tap-tap of a keyboard. The person sitting behind me was busy writing notes. The person sharing the other side of the desk was, too. A guy roamed around, stepped out onto the balcony to talk on his cell, and then came back. He finally packed up and left. The lady sharing my desk did, too. Meanwhile, I was busy getting the next phase of the story down. I answered emails here and there and even tweeted once or twice. I looked up and realized it was nearly 3 pm!

(Note to self: No flip flops in the quiet library next time… they are so loud!)

I had no idea how many words I wrote. I decided I’d check it when I got home. I had to make a stop at the store for a few miscellaneous items. Then finally got home and plugged in the thumb drive. I wrote 3230! I couldn’t believe it. I was very pleased with that progress.

And then I ate ice cream and lost miserably at Maya Pyramid.

All in all, I guess the day ended up okay.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.