Quote of the Day:
“It’s pretty hard to be efficient without being obnoxious.”
– Kin Hubbard (1868-1930), American Humorist, Journalist

Last night was the premiere of American Idol. I missed some of it while I was getting my child ready for bed. I just have to say – what was UP with them letting the weird jumpy barefoot dude through? Da-yum! He must have had some REALLY good drugs. They are going to so massacre that poor boy in Hollywood.

There were other interesting contestants. I was actually embarrassed for some of these people. What makes them think they can sing? That would like me trying to get up there and get through. Sha. As if. Not gonna happen. Did someone just happen to tell these people, “Dude, you rock!” or something? And it went immediately to their head so they decided, “I’m in the next American Idol!” And they simply cannot take rejection. They would NEVER make it in the publishing world, would they?

Yesterday was chaotic at the office. Let’s see if I can sum up in a few words (HA). You can read how it all began here. So the furniture people were arriving in the afternoon, which meant we had to unload everything in our drawers and pack up the desktop. Which also meant the computers had to get moved too. I managed to get it done during the morning hours and then they called a little after one saying they were on their way. When they get there, we discover we didn’t have to unload our drawers at all.

They break down the cubicle and start putting up the wall to separate me and the lady next to me. We’re supposed to get overhead storage too. Finally! And we both desperately need it. The guys start building the wall…and the closer they get to completion, the more we realize it’s not the right thing.

They put up a 48” wall with ONE unstable overhead storage bin on a bracket instead of the 64” wall with the TWO overhead storage bins we were SUPPOSED to have. Of course, there’s chaos and confusion and the office manager tells them it’s not right. She gets on the phone with the furniture people and complains. They send a guy out. He looks at the issue, sees what it was supposed to be and what it is. They agree to “rush” the parts for the CORRECT wall which means it will be at least another 2-3 weeks (maybe more…this is cubicle furniture we’re talking about here). They finish this up by the end of the day and we move back in.

All this means I will have to pack up my desk AGAIN. :duh:

Ah well. At least I have…half a wall. I guess. :dead:

By Michelle

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