Chapter Meeting & Housewarming Day

Happy Veteran’s Day!

Today I have my chapter meeting. I think I’m all prepared. I *think*! Lol

I also have my housewarming party tonight so today is going to be a super busy day. I love super busy days. Plus I get to visit with all my friends. 🙂

I got about 10 pages of work done yesterday on MAGIC Book 2. It’s not coming in order either. It’s coming in spurts. Which means, I’ll write a scene and then when I’m out of ideas, I’ll start writing another scene. The more I write on this story, the more apparent it is to me that this is truly Kincaid’s story. Which is odd. I initially thought it would be Lirron’s. But Kincaid is proving to be compelling and interesting and so layered!

I am truly a Scener/Pantser on this book.

I can see a lot of images for the entire story, but I haven’t quite figured out how it’s all going to be strung together. I do know that Lirron is a feisty young girl and Kincaid has incredible patience. So far all of the scenes I’ve written have been from his POV. I keep bringing this up simply because I rarely write from the hero’s POV. It’s almost always from the heroine’s. So this is an odd shift for me. However, I really seem to be in touch with his character.

Anyway – so I’m writing!

And now I must dash. Got jump in the shower and start getting ready for the meeting. I’m not going to stop until late tonight.

By Michelle

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