Chase Your Dreams

Chase Your DreamsA friend of mine sent me this really cool sign that says chase your dreams. I think it’s very appropriate for my office! I took a picture of it after hanging it and now that I look at the stuff over my desk, it seems like a really motivational and inspirational place.

Chase your dreams goes really well with my other signs: create, imagine, dream. Plus I have framed pictures of Ireland, Celtic harmony candles, a Celtic cross, my Lord of the Rings collectibles. A knight in shining armor. A pewter dragon with red eyes. Another really cool jeweled cross. There’s another sign near the desk (not shown) that says, “All things are possible if you believe.”

This is what I see when I sit at my desk and write, sometimes edit. You’d think I would be really inspired sitting at this desk with all these wonderful really signs. And most of the time I am. Sometimes, I can’t write at this desk and need another location. I think that’s the case for mose writers. 🙂

Anyway – the weekend was good. Saturday was soccer game (we won!) and grocery shopping. I stayed up way too late with the springing forward catching up on the DVR and then suffered all day Sunday. I made myself get up early (and the kiddo) and we headed off to church.

The kiddo went with his dad and grandparents to dinner last night so I ran some errands. I had a $10 reward certificate from Best Buy burning a hole in my wallet, so I bought two movies: The Quiet Man with John Wayne and Ben Hur with Charlton Heston. Two of my favorite classic movies. My next old movie purchases will be El Cid and The Sound of Music and I’d really like to get my hands on a copy of Captian Blood. Then I headed to Walgreen’s for some allergy medicine for the kiddo. Poor thing was sneezing his head off all day. Picked up some dinner at Boston Market. After I got home and ate, I laid on the couch like a slug and watched most of The Quiet Man.

Finished the laundry. Cleaned the litter box. Cleaned the fireplace since it was 80 degrees outside. Despite the nice weekend, we’re getting a cold front with some rain this week. It won’t get out of the 50s. I guess I won’t be putting away those warm clothes or electric blankets yet.

On the writing front… well, aboslutely NOTHING. I took the weekend off. But I’m back to edits this week on Phoenix. I’m sticking with that story because it’s begging me to get polished and submitted. I did a little bit of research on the layout of Ancient Rome, but not enough to get the map of my city made up yet.

The superhero story is in my head. I have a tentative setting for the beginning but I need to do some locale research. I’m actually considering setting the beginning in the early 1940s. I have this vision of one of those elegant night clubs with ladies in fine dresses and men in tuxedos, a big band playing on the bandstand, and patrons sipping champagne and dancing cheek to cheek. It’s an image I can’t get out of my head. I don’t plan to have the entire story set in that time period, just the beginning.

Anyhoo…that’s about it for me. Stick around this week – I have another guest blogger on Wednesday. And tonight is open house at the kiddo’s school. That’s always a fun time. 🙂

By Michelle

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