The weather has turned a little cool here lately. It’s in the upper 40s at night and the lower 70s during the day and I love it. It really feels like October and it’s great. Time to dust off those sweaters and jackets!

Here’s another awesome thing: gas is $2.69 a gallon! I thought we’d never see it below $3 again.

Yesterday, my co-worker and I realized with some horror was it was Boss’s Day and we hadn’t done a thing. So we agreed to throw something together real quick. She would get a card and I’d bake a cheesecake. I didn’t do one of the big ones; I did a small one – chocolate chip. So now today I can’t forget to take it to work or that would be tragic. I’m looking forward to having cheesecake for breakfast. hehe

Kiddo got all his homework done and then begged and pleaded for some Wii time. I’m usually very strict about no Wii during the week but when he gave me the puppy dog face with the pouty lip I couldn’t say no (and it made me laugh).

Finally got him in bed and I settled down to watch my DVR. I crashed on the couch a little after 10 and didn’t wake up until well after midnight. I got into my PJs in the dark and as it turns out – my shirt is wrong side out. LOL

We have a super busy weekend ahead. I’m picking him up from school and then we’re headed to Blockbuster to rent some free movies and then to the pumpkin patch to get a pumpkin for carving. Saturday we have a soccer game; then the fall festival at school. Sunday we have chuch and another soccer game that afternoon. Sunday night I’m going to collapse. 😉 I’m really looking forward to all the activities, though.

And for dinner tonight… I think it’s a pizza night! Have a great Friday, all!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.