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So yesterday was a rather exciting day for me. I’m so happy A BEND IT TIME is out and on the ebook shelves. WOO!! I got a little overzealous last night in my quest for self promotion and send out the book to several places for review. One emailed me back yesterday and told me the review was already up! I had no idea! And I did a search for it on the sites before I sent it. Ah well. I was embarrassed and apologized profusely.

This is the first review I was able to find. Maybe there are more out there, but I don’t know yet. Anyway – this is from TwoLips Reviews and it got 4 1/2 lips! It’s a very nice review, too.

Dane is far from the typical romance hero, but Michelle Miles won me over with his characterization despite his violent acts and shady occupation. Skye’s emotions jumped off the page and the action is taut and well-plotted. The relationship between Dane and Skye was not rushed and felt very realistic. A Bend In Time is a wonderful action-adventure paranormal romance.

Nice, eh? I’m happy about that one. It’s a good review.

If you happen to run across any reviews for the book, please shoot ‘em my way.

In other news – my new website went live yesterday! I can’t tell you how excited I am about it. It’s just so “me” and perfect!

The website was designed by Dagian Designs and Dawn did a smashing job. I gave her three things to start my new site on: the caricature of the girl and the words fun and flirty. And that’s it. She totally captured the essence of what I was wanting. And not only that, but she gave The Bitter End its very own flair. I love it! It’s perfect! Wonderful! If you need a website designed, THIS is the company for you. You simply must give her a try. And tell her I referred you. 🙂

Anyway, check it out if you haven’t already. I just can’t say more kind words about it. Thank you, Dawn. It’s lovely.

The MAGIC series has really been calling to me these last few days. So I finally gave in to it last night and wrote four pages of the second story, which is Kincaid’s and Lirrin’s story. (Lirrin is Eirhan’s half-sister.) In the original version of MAGIC WITHIN, I had whole sections written about Kincaid, his father, and Eirhan, but later edited them out and kept the story to be Eirhan’s. So I think I can use that for this second book. I’m starting, essentially, in the same place where MAGIC WITHIN started, except with action and story from Kincaid’s POV.

Hm. This is hard to explain and sounds very convoluted. In the first book, there’s a section where Eirhan, who is kidnapped, is taken to the antiquities shop (where she knows Kincaid from) only to find out from the henchmen that it’s been ransacked and Coner and Kincaid are gone. She wonders about them throughout the book, because she had grown up with Kincaid and they were friends their entire life.

So where I begin the second book is when the shop is being ransacked and Coner’s and Kincaid’s flight from the intruders. With one very important object that plays a part in the first book – a magical sword.

Does this make sense at all? Or am I totally rambling. Oh well. It makes sense to me and that’s all that matters I suppose.


This story has been burning in the back of my head for so long and finally the plot is starting to come to me. That’s the way it always is with my work – I can’t write forever and then BOOM I suddenly get a burst of energy and can’t stop writing. Don’t want to stop writing. And then I end up writing the entire story in like three weeks.


We’ll see how it goes.

And now…time for work!

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