Chore Night

Wednesday is my “chore night”. It’s not my favorite thing to do but since I have pets and a kid, there are things that have to be done or it gets stinky around here.

I can tell you’re fascinated already with this post.

Every Wednesday I scoop the litter box for kitty. I used to have this litter mat outside his box. It looked like the picture here (only tan). The idea was, it would “catch” the litter as kitty stepped out of the box, but Sampson never just stepped out of the box. Oh, no. He hated it so much, he’d jump over it, thereby scattering litter everywhere. It was a big mess. I was at Wal-Mart this weekend buying litter and I noticed they had this selection of kitty products. They had this mat called “Neet Feet” and it turns out, it’s a non-skid mat that goes outside the box.

It was $8 but I figured it was well worth it. They also had these odor-neutralizing litter box fresheners. I got those, too. Hey anything to keep the stench down in the litter. Normally, I change the litter every two weeks and scoop every third day. It works. Anyway.

Got home, changed the litter, added the liner thingie, poured in the litter and then added the new mat outside the box. Turns out, the cat loves the new mat – he doesn’t scatter the stuff everywhere – and that liner thingie? It works like a charm. LOVE it. There is no more stench and no more litter all over the floor.

SO. After I scooped the box, I cleaned the fish tank. That’s not nearly as interesting as cleaning the litter box, though. Fishy is doing well. The distilled water has been the best thing for him. He’s funny – he knows what it means when we pick up his food. He gets all excited.

I also made sure Half Pint finished his homework while I cooked dinner. By the time 9 pm rolled around, I was ready to crash.

The life of a writer is so glamorous, isn’t it? 😀

By Michelle

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