Christmas Cheer

Let’s talk about Christmas cheer. I’ve been seeing a lot of FB posts about people not having any. That makes me sad. Christmas only comes around once a year. Granted, the stores start shoving it down our throats before the Halloween decorations are put away and that’s irksome. By New Year’s I’m ready for the Christmas stuff to go back in the attic. But at the same time…It’s Christmas. And it’s HERE!

I admit I haven’t had a lot of cheer. We didn’t get our usual outside lights up because the weather was crappy (i.e., iced over) the weekend we intended to do it. I managed to get a few things up–my lighted garland around the front door and the Merry Christmas sign in the window. But it’s not the same. We have received only TWO Christmas cards this year. Is that because the mail is messed up because of the frozen tundra we experienced or are people just not sending them? I don’t know. It’s making me sad.

Then I started making Christmas cookies to give away. And I did a shopping marathon with my son last weekend. It was great fun. We hit about five stores and I knocked out my list for everyone but the kiddo. (I went back later and got the thing he wanted.) I love baking and giving away goodies, much to the dismay of my husband. He complains about me giving everything away every year but seriously, if I didn’t, we would weigh three hundred pounds. I am keeping some of the treats just for us for Christmas Day, though. Especially the mini cheesecakes. I can’t wait for those.

Anyway, I started baking in late November/early December. I wanted to get a jump on it and I wanted to make sure I could get everything done without having to spend evenings in the kitchen after work. I discovered the art of freezing baked cookies and cookie dough. It has been a total life-saver doing it this way. (For tips on how to do it, see my Plotting Princess post here about Christmas Goodies!)

That cheer I was talking about? I really started to feel it when I packaged up the goodies for my co-workers. And then hand delivering it to them and seeing their smile when they realize it’s home-baked is priceless. Plus we shared recipes. I have a crackle brownie recipe I’m dying to try!

So…I think I’m getting more cheerful for Christmas as the days fly by (and really – it seems like it’s HURTLING toward 2014. Slow down already!). What are you doing to get your Christmas cheer?

By Michelle

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