Christmas has come and gone

I can’t believe it’s over. I mean, I blinked and it was DONE! I’m talking about Christmas, you see. It seems like it went by way too fast.

In retrospect, going on vacation the week before, getting married, and coming back… well, it was a little too much. I would probably plan it different if I realized how jam-packed it would make our lives. But you know, it’s an experience we will always remember. 🙂

I think I got sick the second I stepped foot off the plane from Miami. I started feeling poorly the next day. Nothing major, just really congested. We did ten loads of laundry. TEN. That was more than my little washer could bear, I think. haha Plus there was no food in the house when we got home, so it was off to the grocery store. I had to buy things for Christmas dinner anyway. I had already planned the menu before leaving town, so that made things easier. Of course, I forgot some things, so I had to make another store run later in the week. And my Christmas gift shopping wasn’t even close to being done. But I digress…

So the first Sunday we’re home, we do laundry and grocery shop. Get home, eat lunch and head to Cabela’s do actually get started on our shopping. We knocked out four gifts there. I love that place. It’s massively huge and just awesome. The kiddo, though, was a pest and asked for everything under the sun. Even though I reminded him Christmas was in five days. He went nuts over this cap gun. I finally dragged him away from the toys and we checked out to head home.

Monday I started feeling worse and I wasn’t sleeping so well since I was very congested. Forget about getting anything done at the office. People wanted to hear about the wedding, see the pictures, and catch up. By Tuesday, I felt as thought I’d been hit by a truck. I got progressively worse and my sinuses were so inflamed, I really thought my face was going to explode. In fact, I wanted it to. I figured I’d feel all better. I got out of work a little early that day and went to Target to finish shopping. I got the last of the gifts for the kiddo and my great nephews.

I woke up in the middle of the night with my face flaring and my sinuses pounding and finally decided I needed to get to the doctor. But by Thursday, I was feeling somewhat better (figuring it was due to the cold front that had just come through). However, Man told me I had to go. So I made an appointment for that morning and off we go to the doctor. Turns out, it was a good thing I did as I had a sinus infection. Just in time for Christmas. Yay. 😐 I got antibiotics and an awesome antihistamine.

Finally I started wrapping gifts and getting the house picked up because it was a disaster area after getting home from vacation. I tried to get everything done but ran out of energy. Naps were a luxury and I didn’t get to take them. Instead, I feel asleep every night at around 9 pm.

Christmas Eve. It was finish cleaning, finish wrapping while Man finished shopping. Yeah, we were totally last minute this year. I even mailed a couple of gifts late this year (but I have a viable excuse haha). We drove out to pick up my mother and it poured the entire way there. We didn’t stay at her house to visit; we got right back in the truck and headed back home. Thankfully it stopped raining because we got a flat tire just as we exited the freeway.

I was thankful for three things: (1) it wasn’t raining; (2) we were nearly home; (3) it was still daylight. Man had difficulty with his jack but he finally managed to get the spare on while the three of us froze in the cold, cold wind. Coffee was a definite must when we got home.

I threw together some dinner while the kiddo went with his dad for their family Christmas. We finished wrapping gifts and I, again, crashed around 9. By the time the kiddo made it home, I was so ready for bed.

We slept late on Christmas Day. In fact, I had to wake up the kid! We opened presents (I got a digital photo frame – YAY!) and the kiddo was excited to see he got his cap gun. I started cooking dinner (roasted pork tenderloin with roasted veggies). We sat down to eat at 3 and by 4, we were happily stuffed.

Man’s two kiddos came for a visit and we were all ready to hit the pillow by 10. Sunday we drove back to my mother’s house and had Christmas yet again with my entire clan. More gift opening ensued. Got home early evening and I immediately put on my PJs.

I think I’ve just about recovered from vacation/wedding/Christmas. And I’m definitely looking forward to a VERY quiet and calm New Years.

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.