Christmas Recap

Whew. What a hectic two days!

Another Christmas has come and gone. Can you believe it’s over already? For me, the festivities started Christmas Eve. By the way – NEVER go to the grocery store on Christmas Eve. :dead: Egad! It was a madhouse.

We had quite a scare that afternoon before we even made it out of the house. Sweetie Boy was playing by the stairs and bent to pick up a toy. He caught his head on the corner of the stairs and literally punched a hole in his scalp. Bled forever and nearly gave his mother (me) heart failure. I worried about him most of the night. At bedtime, I managed to get a band-aid with Neosporin (great stuff!) on it. It looks much better and he’s doing fine, but what a fright it gave me. Every time I looked at the oozy wound, it made me sick to my stomach.


That evening, we headed over for some cheer :cheers: to Hubby’s cousin’s (Round 1). One of Sweetie Boy’s cousins was there who is three a and she’s an angel! They were so cute playing together. She got a set of dishes and the two of them played “tea party”. Sweetie Boy promptly figured out how to use the blender and the mixer. (He’s been helping me do a lot of baking!) After a few hours of stuffing ourselves and visiting, we headed back to our house for the opening of more presents (Round 2). My kid cleaned up, I tell ya. He got movies, cars, toys, clothes, train stuff, you name it. We ate cheesecake and called it a night around 10ish.

As soon as the baby was in bed snoring, we put the Santa presents out. He got the green and yellow tractor from Santa as well as a wooden garage for all his Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars (incidentally, Matchbox cars are MUCH easier to get out of the package than Hot Wheels!). Exhausted, Hubby and I fell into bed.

I was sleeping like the dead when a little voice called my name at my elbow at around 4:15 am. I figured the baby would want to get up and start with the gifts, but instead he just needed to go potty. I let him climb in bed with us, thinking he’d go right back to sleep. (WRONG) He laid there and proceeded to tell me numerous times how loud Daddy was snoring. :hehe: I toted him back up to his room where he went back to sleep and then proceeded to stumble back down the stairs.

We slept until well past 8 and had to wake up the kid to get him up for presents (Round 3). Can you believe that? Anyway, Hubby went and got him. When he first saw the tractor, he stood there a minute and just kinda stared. This is a child who doesn’t get in a hurry to do anything and Christmas morning is not exception. Finally, he got into it and he sat on the tractor and played with the garage. He opened the rest of his gifts and played while Hubby and I opened ours.

I got a 1 G thumb drive with the Jump Gear (MP3 player), Sex and the City – the complete collection (WOOHOO), a new can opener (:plain:) – sort of as a gag gift but it totally rocks, Star Wars III (YAY!), some smell-good stuff from Bath & Body Works, and the softest bathrobe I’ve ever seen.

The GPS/PDA for Hubby was a hit. It’s already been put to use.

That afternoon, it was off to my mom’s (Round 4) for Christmas dinner and more Christmas Cheer with my large clan. Sweetie Boy got Lincoln Logs and got to play with his other cousins. We stuffed ourselves with more food and dessert – Mom makes THE best banana pudding. Gaw, it’s great. We hung out there until after 9 and then headed home. Sweetie Boy fell asleep in the car on the way home and it wasn’t long after we got home I collapsed into a heap.

Today has been a relaxing day. I wore my PJ bottoms most of the day – only getting dressed to brave the crowd a Fry’s. FYI – I despise Fry’s. We were standing in the check-out line when this very annoying woman hit me in the back with her cart. :yelling: I turned and gave her the dirtiest look I could muster. She promptly backed off. We stopped for dinner at Chili’s and I had the not-so-guiltless pita (I requested the NON-fat free Ranch dressing…:hehe:). Sometime this week, I have to brave the mall and return a shirt I got Hubby. :dead: And then re-order the correct size.

All in all, it was a good Christmas. But, whew, I’m still tired. Tomorrow…it’s back to the grind.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.