Cleaning and De-Cluttering

Yesterday, I got on a cleaning streak. I suddenly chouldn’t stand the piles of papers or magazines or junk mail anymore. I actually got up early on Sunday, made coffee, and then paid bills. Not a fun task, but certainly something that has to be done. Then I filed, organized, and cleaned up my desk. It’s still messy but at least it’a n organized messy. Then I put in a load of laundry, decluttered the kitchen counter and relocated the magazines.

I have this problem with magazines. They start to pile up after a few months and then I have no idea what to do with them. Like the Highlights For Children for example. I got some great suggestions on where to donate them but I still haven’t done it. They’re still sitting in the floor of the office. Then I have stacks of Writer’s Digest, Vogue, Lucky, Simple & Delicious, Food Network Magazine. I have no idea what to do with them and it seems like a waste to just throw them away. Maybe I’ll go through them and clip out the stuff I want to keep and just toss them.

Anyway… We also got the grocery shopping done which is my least favorite task of all. Got home, cleaned toilets and the fish tank. This week, while cleaning the tank, I managed NOT to traumatize the poor fish (I had issues last week but he’s fine, I promise).

Husband left to go to work for a while and I found myself sucked into Zuma Blitz. Total waste of time but my brain was tired. I also critiqued a few chapters for a friend. I’m loving the story!

Saturday, we didn’t do much of anything. We did take the kiddo bowling as a pre-birthday present and had a blast. We went to Main Event for the first time and enjoyed it. It’s a family-friendly entertainment place. They have bowling, billiards, laser tag, and an arcade. We just stuck to the bowling and we were all sore on Sunday. Then we had Wingstop for dinner.

It was pretty much a food fest all weekend. I don’t think we had one healthy meal. I guess that makes me a bad Mom. (Did I mention we had Papa Murphy’s pizza on Friday?)

Today is the first day of 5th grade for my kiddo. Hard to believe this is is last year of elementary school. He’s just growing up way too fast for my liking. We had a few school things to get on Saturday (and it was tax free weekend). The stores were awful. I made the mistake of going to Office Depot because I got a gift certificate I wanted to use for his binder. Packed. And people were standing in front of everything so you couldn’t get to what you needed.

I’m looking at the calendar and can’t believe it’s the last full week of August. This month is nearly gone; the year is half over. Pretty soon, it’ll be Christmas. I’m so totally NOT ready for that!

I know I”ll be running like a madwoman this morning. The school start time has been pushed back to 8:10 (why I have no idea) and I can’t drop him off until 7:40 which gives me exactly 20 minutes to get to the office. I will most like NOT make it on time but I’m gonna try without getting a speeding ticket. Wish me luck. 🙂

By Michelle

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