Close, but no cigar…

The kiddo decided he needed a nap (and boy did he! Talk about crankypants…), so I got to write!

1200 words this afternoon and I’m about one chapter shy of finishing. I wrote the big scene at the restaurant where Marion lets Ethan have it in front of the other patrons and then she and Delilah get into a huge fight in the ladies room. And Greame overhears most of it. It was a great chapter.

I figure I have one more left. I busted my goal of 45k, so I’m thinking the final manscript will be about 47k, give or take. Two thousand words ought to wrap it up. I think.

Anyway, GREAT session today. I’m hoping to get back to it when the kiddo goes to bed tonight. Speaking of, I better go get him up. he’s been asleep for over an hour…

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.