Last night, I finished Take Me I’m Yours!

YEAH! It feels great to finish that book, even though I’m kind of sad. I’m going to miss Marion and Greame and Delilah. (But not Ethan because he’s a snake. hehe)

The total word count ended up at 51,248. Of course, that may change some some it’s off to Editland now. Anyway, I’m thrilled and very happy with the story. I think it turned out great. I’m wondering if I have too much going on in the final chapter, though. I have Delilah and Marion make up, then Graeme walks in and they end up doing the whole “I love you” stuff so they can have their Happily Ever After. Hm. I might need to break it up a bit.

Will have to see what my readers think. 🙂

Anyway, now I can throw myself into my time travel, One Knight Only. I was in the book store the other day doing some browsing in the Romance section when I noticed that someone has already stolen my title! But you know what? I’m going to use it anyway. You can’t copyright a title, after all.

This will be for the time travel anthology, due May 31. I haven’t quite figured out how she’s going to time travel yet, but I’m sure I will as I’m a total Pantser.

Before I can get started with that, though, I have to concentrate on contest stuff. Oof. That will be all consuming for the next week or so for me. I’m really striving to get those out by the first week of February.

I feel good about this month so far. I like that I’ve set these goals and am actually sticking to them. I’m proud of myself. Especially because I’ve been such a slacker. Last year was horrible on the writing career. I produced next to nothing as far as new material. This year, I am determined! As God is my witness!

I started doing my taxes last night, too. Looks like I’m going to get a nice return which means I can pay off at least two bills. Finally! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I had to run to the post office to mail out something and I couldn’t help but feel a little giddy. The thought of being nearly credit card debt-free makes me lightheaded.

I can do it. I can do it. I can do it.

I just have to stay strong and keep on keeping on.

Anyway, I rewarded myself with lots of reading time last night. It was wonderful.

Oh and Jeri – to answer your question – I have the book Twilight. I just haven’t finished reading it yet. I’m going to get back to it hopefully after I finish Bloodfever. And Smoke Thief. And Dream Thief. Oh, and I’m dying to have Queen of Dragons, now. It’s Shana Abe’s new one.

Yeah, I have a long TBR pile! 🙂

Tonight, LOST is back. I so missed staring at Sawyer’s half-naked body. HOORAY! Curious to see how the story is going to end up. The kiddo has a birthday party to go to, though, so I won’t be home in time to watch it. I am so glad I have the DVR.

Tomorrow is FREE BOOK FRIDAY. I’m giving away Melissa Schroeder’s Lessons In Seduction. Be sure to swing by and play!

By Michelle

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