Contest, Ahoy!

The Knight Agency is holding a “Book In A Nutshell” contest where you send in your three most compelling sentences, 150 words or less. I got the email via one of my chapter loops and, for fun, attempted to write three sentences. Basically a watered down version of my book blurb.

It was hard! I tried and tried but everything was more than three sentences long, even though it was under the 150. Every attempt just basically sucked. So I shrugged and blew it off.

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon. Golden Heart finalists were announced and several of my Elements chapter-mates finaled (YAY, ladies!). Another message about those three sentences came across the loop and I thought… what if? The thought of the compelling sentences still niggled at me.

So I was walking through the office and BOOM it hit me. I knew exactly what I had to write. I quickly scribbled down the three sentences. Then, without looking at them again (only to make sure there were no typos), I opened a new email, typed the email address, the required subject, put in the three sentences and hit SEND.

Then I immediately felt like I was going to throw up.

Out of all the entries, twenty will be chosen. Deadline is April 20 and the winners announced May 1.

So until May 1, I’m not going to think about it. Which of course means I AM going to think about it because I’m trying NOT to think about. 😀

The book I submitted, incidentally, was Phoenix. I have felt and still feel this book is really good and can stand out on its own on an agent’s desk. Now, I just have to finish that revision by May 1 (which, lucky for me, I had planned to do anyway). I have even more incentive, don’t I?

I WILL do it. Even if I don’t final. 🙂

Working on the contest, tallying scores and waiting on judges to send the missing entries. A major issue came up, so I ended up dealing with that most of the night and working on anything. Time involved in writing and responding to emails.

Oh and I figured out why my posts weren’t showing when I scheduled them – I had forgotten to spring forward the blog time. Duh!

By Michelle

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