Countdown to Spring Break

Five working days until Spring Break

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Next Monday, I will be blogging to you while on vacation. Yes. For the first time in years, I’m taking a vacation!

Okay, so, I’m not going anywhere. Not out of town, that is. But it’s Sweetie Boy’s Spring Break and so I’m taking the week off of work and we’re going to hang out with Best Good Friend and Niece and go do fun stuff like Six Flags (maybe), the zoo, and maybe even the Body Worlds exhibit at the museum. We don’t have a set plan though. The point is – I’m going to be hanging out with the baby boy for a whole week. I can’t wait. It’s going to be great fun.

My very most favorite part of the weekend is when the baby comes and crawls into bed with me. He did it Sunday morning – early – and then we both slept until nearly nine. He’s so warm and cuddly. However, he tends to hog the entire bed – and it’s a queen size.

I got a lot done on Sunday. I cleaned the entire house including the bathrooms, dusting (!), vacuuming, scrubbing the kitchen, mopping, doing all the laundry, and just picking up the clutter. The house smells wonderful – all nice and clean – and looks even better. I hate cleaning house, but it sure is nice when it IS clean.

Baby boy did his homework – quite cheerfully as a matter of fact – and then watched the rest of Return of the Jedi. I remember when that movie came out in 1983 and I went to the theater at least three times to see it. Those were the days. Before Blockbuster and DVDs took over the world. When movies actually stayed in the theater for more than 10 minutes. Gosh, that seems like such a long time ago but I remember it like yesterday. I remember when Darth Vader saved Luke from the Emporer, the entire theater cheered.

I’m not much for the “enhancements” George Lucas made to the original trilogy. I’m a purist – I want my Star Wars movies the way I remember them the first time I saw them in the theater. I get he wanted to add to his “vision” since he’s now a gazillionaire, but I’m still ticked he tinkered with the original.

I’ve still never seen Star Wars III – I own it. I just haven’t sat down to watch it.

Or return the three movies I’ve rented from Netflix like a month ago. I guess I need to get those in the mail…

After he finished watching his movie and I finished with the cleaning, I decided we needed an outing. The baby was somewhat reluctant, but I promised him Starbucks if he would come along. We went to Garden Ridge and I didn’t buy a thing. Although he thought the suit of armor was pretty cool. So did I but not for $50. So I passed.

We went to Barnes & Noble then and he picked out two books. He ended up getting Bridge to Terebithia and one of those series books, Magic Tree House. It’s the second book in the series. I started reading Bridge to Terebithia to him but I think he got bored since he decided was going to look for a bookmark on page three. But the other book I think he’d really enjoy if he’d just sit down and read it. He can read so well, I’m sure he could read this book. It’s just getting him to do it that’s the key.

And since he’s having some behavior problems at school, I told him if he got five greens in a row, we would go to the store and he could get a lightsaber in green (like Luke’s) so he could be a “Jedi Master”. He promises he will have green all week.

Okay, so it’s bribery. But whatever works, right? And he’s pretty hot to have the lightsaber. I figure if he can do it, he can and should be rewarded.

I also got myself a new book. Just another one to add to the TBR pile.

We stopped by Starbucks on the way home and he got a tall green tea frappuccino and I got a venti green tea iced tea (sweetened).

Then we both played on the computer and made new ringtones for my phone. He thought that was fun. I let him pick which ringtone I should have.

And then came the worst part of the weekend – taking him home. The house is so quiet without him here. It was nice to see him play in his new room all morning while I cleaned up. And hear him singing and talking to himself. Every now and then I would hear him humming a few bars of the Imperial Death March from Star Wars. I miss him when he’s not here.

How many more days until Spring Break?? 😉

By Michelle

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