Quote of the Day:
I believe there’s a ghost of a chance
We can find someone to love and make it last

I’m a little late blogging today because something exciting has happened! I got my cover art for the serial! Check it out!

Ransom & Fortune

So, what do you think? I love it. It’s so very cool! They nailed it! Skye and Dane look exactly like I imagined. Though I have to admit it’s kind of weird seeing my characters – they have faces now. Still, it makes it real. Like – wow – this is really happening and I’m really getting published! Gaw, I’m so happy I could weep.

I printed it in color – two of them – and put one up on my overhead bin at the office for all to see and adore. The other one is going on the fridge at home. I laminated it.

The contest has consumed me. I’m covered in contest entries and scrambling to find a home for a few entries that still need to be judged but luckily I have help. Now I have the arduous task of checking all the math on the entries, double checking the scores, filling in all the matrixes, etc. Anyway, it’s a lot of work but I so need this right now to keep my mind off of other things.

I got to spend some time with my cute kid last night. He’s feeling a little under the weather and coughing quite a bit. No fever, though, so that’s good. We watched Tom & Jerry, that’s our thing, and he refused to eat anything for dinner. Probably because he wasn’t feeling well. He insisted on marshmallows and a waffle. Go figure. On the way home, he told me I didn’t need to live at my house anymore I needed to come live at his house and stay there all the time. I hate to hear stuff like that but I know that’s really how he feels and it makes me sad to know I’m not there as much as I can be. I told him anytime he wanted to spend the night with me during the week, he could as long as it was okay with his dad.

I had hoped to write last night, but I was tired after the long day and couldn’t muster the strength. I tried to crash early, but the neighbors upstairs…oh the neighbors! They must have been fighting or something because there were raised voices, stomping on the floor, and doors being slammed. The night before they were playing the TV at the top of its lungs until 11. Give it a rest, folks. Sheesh. I think people who are young and live in an apartment don’t take into consideration there are others who live there too. And we can hear just about everything. Thankfully, the walls aren’t that thin and I never hear the neighbors next door. Just those upstairs.

In other news – I ordered my AlphaSmart! I went with the 3000 for the cost. The lady said they are phasing those out and selling all their stock and that’s why they are $130 right now. So I place my order and ask when it’s going to ship and she says, “Well, there were a few backorders before you.” HUH? Didn’t she just say they were selling what they had in stock? I was confused. Oh well. It should ship next week.

And that’s all the spending this girl is doing. From now on, I’m going to be like Leigh and work on that debt so I can get that credit card paid for. Plus, I have only 15 more car payments to go. I count them down in my head every month when I write that check.

Okay…enough. Off to work.

By Michelle

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