Cover Reveal: A Knight Like No Other


IT’S HERE! IT’S HERE! LOOK at my new cover! Isn’t it gorgeous? I love it! Now I’m having a hard time picking a favorite out of the four covers in this series. 🙂

This is for book 4 in the Realm of Honor series. Not only do you get a cover reveal but you get a teaser from the book as well!


By order of the king, Princess Sobriel is betrothed to Lord-Regent Marath, an Elven noble with an evil agenda who’s manipulated his way into the king’s favor. Marrying him will be a fate worse than death, especially when Sobriel’s heart belongs to the sexy and irresistible Sir Drake Attenborough—the human knight who is her true soul mate. Though it pains her, she flees her family to be with Drake, running away from everything she knows to be with the knight.

Enraged at her defiance, Marath invokes dark magic and summons a Fomorian mage to kidnap and kill Sobriel. Frightened and alone, she unwittingly falls into the hands of the mage assassin. With her life in hanging in the balance, a mortally wounded Sir Drake will sacrifice everything to save her. But it may not be enough to keep from falling prey to Marath’s evil plans.


A moment later the princess stepped out from behind an overgrown rosebush. Her hair was like a halo in the silvery light. Delicate shadows played upon her beautiful face. He could see the outline of her rose-red lips, the slant of her high cheekbones, the curve of her perfect pert nose.

She smiled sweetly, fluttered her lashes down, and dipped a quick curtsey in greeting.

The small gesture sent his heart into a tailspin. His body reacted as a vaguely sensual light passed between them. And he knew he had to feel her in his arms. He hurried toward her, the smile never leaving her lips.

“Sir Drake, I—”

But that was as far as she got when he took her in his arms, pulling her close, feeling her small body curve against his. Enough waiting. He’d waited long enough to hold her. To feel her. To taste her. Her breath caught in her throat as his head dipped toward hers. And before his lips met hers, her breath shuddered out.

He paused, inhaling her sweet nectar scent. It was sultry and heady and nearly made him lose his mind. He could stand it no longer. His mouth closed over her lips, at long last sampling her taste. His tongue delved deep into the sweet recess of her mouth. She tasted like honeysuckle wine on a warm summer night. She tasted like heaven. She tasted like forever.

To his delight, she kissed him back. Her arms slid around his neck as she pressed closer. So close he could feel every curve of her little body against him. Her small round breasts. Her narrow waist. The curve of her hips.

Her tongue bumped against his as they savored each other, branding their first kiss in his mind. She kissed as though she’d always known how. As though she had been born to kiss him and no other. He was reluctant to break apart from her but he wanted to see her face and memorize it. He wanted to store it away so he may recall it anytime he wished. Because he knew tonight would be the final night they would have together.

As he pulled away, he could see the color high in her cheeks and the pink in the tips of her pointed ears. Her lips were still damp from his onslaught and to make matters worse, she ran her tongue over them. As though remembering the last remnants of his mouth on hers. Her pulse fluttered wildly in the long column of her pale throat. She labored to breathe, as though she couldn’t catch her breath.

“Forgive me,” he said. “I should not have taken such liberties.” He kissed her forehead and a little mewl escaped her. It nearly sent him over the edge.

Control, though. He must control his reaction. When all he wanted to truly do was tear the gown from her sweet body and make love to her until the dawn. Here on the edge of the loch amid the soft grass. Yet that would not be appropriate. He was a knight. He had honor and dignity. And he would not ruin her reputation with one selfish act. An act he could never take back. She was pure untouched bliss. He would not destroy that. Yet he couldn’t stop kissing her. His lips trailed down her face to her neck.

“Liberties, sir?” she asked. Her words were weak, soft. Her arms were still firmly planted around his neck.

“Aye.” He whispered it against her skin. “But I find I could not live another day or take another breath without knowing what your lips felt like against mine.”

Again her breath hitched. “Nor I.”

By Michelle

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