Cover Reveal: A Knight to Remember, fantasy romance

I’m SO excited! Check out my new cover for my upcoming fantasy romance, A KNIGHT TO REMEMBER:


I love it. It fits the tone of the book so well. This is Henry’s and Maeve’s story and the third novel in the REALM OF HONOR series. I think we need to see all three covers of the books together, don’t you?

Check it out:


Which one is your favorite so far?

At any rate, here is the blurb for A KNIGHT TO REMEMBER, Realm of Honor Book 3.

Henry Chase is desperate to find his missing daughter lost in the Highlands. He steps through a stone circle and is transported to the Otherworld…a place of dark magic and strange creatures, where his human appearance is hidden by glamour allowing him to masquerade as a Fae Knight. The moment he meets Queen Maeve, ruler of this alternate world, he’s besotted by her beauty and determined to break down the walls she’s erected around her heart.

In the aftermath of war, Queen Maeve’s kingdom has been turned upside down. She must close the portals to the human realm and send the humans in the Otherworld back where they belong. But before she can restore her lost magic and set things straight, her archenemy, the Goddess of War, attacks looking for revenge.

When the goddess captures the queen, Henry offers his life for Maeve in the hope his bravery will earn the queen’s love. Discovering Henry is human and knowing she must send him back to his world, Maeve tries to fight her feelings for him. Now she must choose—life at court or life with Henry—before she loses him forever.

No release date yet but I expect it to be later this year. So stay tuned!

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