Cover Reveal: Seducing Eve, a Hot Paranormal Romance


On May 31, Seducing Eve, the second novella in the Guardians of Atlantis series will be out! This is the story of Lucian and Eve. May I say Lucian is delish? You’ll love him. He’s playful and a super hot guy. I had fu writing this novella and hope you enjoy it. It will be available on Smashwords, Amazon, B&N and All Romance eBooks.

Here’s the blurb:

Book 2, Guardians of Atlantis

Eve is desperate to escape her lab prison in the lost city of Atlantis, unwilling to allow them to use her body against her will. The last thing she needs is for them to discover her gift which could keep her confined with them forever. When she sees an opportunity to flee, she makes a break for it. What she doesn’t count on is getting captured by a sexy guardian. Sexy or not, she’s resolved to return home or die trying.

When one of the human females is kidnapped and brought to Atlantis, Lucian is sent to investigate. His mission is to find out who brought her against her will. He never expects the lovely Eve to escape the lab wreaking havoc nor does he expect her sheer determination to nearly get him killed. They flee into the dusty bowels of Atlantis but his injuries hinder his abilities to keep her safe and he fears he may lose her to the scientists.

Their cat-and-mouse game quickly turns into running for survival. As the enemy closes in, Eve realizes Lucian is trying to save her from the fate of becoming a lab rat, endearing him to her. Now she must use her gift to save the man she’s quickly falling for before she loses him forever.

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By Michelle

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