Day 6: Grand Turk

Hi, everyone! I’m resuming my vacation memoirs here but if you want to read my “regular” blog post, it’s below this one. Otherwise, enjoy!

Thursday we docked in Grand Turk (Turks and Caicos Islands) mid-morning. We’d booked our shore excursion to do the horseback riding on the beach. I dressed for the beach that day and once off the ship, it was actually the warmest date of our vacation. The weather was beautiful. No jacket required! Just sunscreen and a very large hat. Despite that, the water was still too cold to get into. Which was okay by me since I’m not much of a swimmer. I like to wade and that’s about it.

We had some time to kill before getting on the bus to the place where we’d ride the horses. We browsed the shops and I made a mental note to come back and get the kiddo his pirate stuff (he specifically asked for a sword).

The bus to the beach was rather bumpy but we did get some see some of the island, which isn’t very high in population. However, the scenery was gorgeous. The place where we ended up for the horseback riding was an open stable. There, they instructed us to leave our bags and put on helmets. Then they would put us on the horses.

I was one of the first to be put on a horse. Her name was Pikachu. After sitting in the saddle for what seemed like eons, Man was finally in a saddle and ready to go. Then they paired us off and put us together with the people in our parties. For whatever reason, they put me first, followed by Man and the rest of the group.

Now, let me say here that it’s been years since I’ve been on a horse. I’m not savvy when it comes to that and I certainly couldn’t tell you how to ride a horse. So to be in the lead was a bit disconcerting, to say the least. But I did fine, really, and the horse knew the trail so there wasn’t much “steering” I had to do. She was gentle and did what she was supposed to do. However, when she decided she wanted to stop, that was it. She was done. No amount of kicking her in the ribs was going to make her go. 🙂

(Later I learned from Man it was because she had to stop to pee…on his horse. That’s why he decided to go around me. haha)

We did the trail on the beach, riding alongside the surf. It was lovely. When we returned, it was time for part two – riding waist-high in the water on the horse. They took them out five at a time. Man and I sat that one out because as I said before, the water was just too cold. And I really didn’t want to be that wet.

So we watched from the covered porch while everyone else went out and that was fine by me. I didn’t get wet or cold. 😉

While we were waiting, a group of dune buggies raced by on the other side of the stables far enough away to where it wouldn’t spook the horses. Man and I looked at each other and suddenly we KNEW that’s what we should have done instead! It was a total light bulb moment. It looked totally fun and so cool. So we have marked that on the “next time” list.

Back on the bus to the ship where they dropped us off in town. We had lots of time to kill and wanted to get some beach time and get something to each. The only place we could find was Margaritaville, a bar and restaurant that played very loud, very obnoxious music. So loud, we couldn’t even carry on a conversation and had to shout to order. I was highly annoyed. So we inhaled our food and got out as fast as we could to the beach.

We walked a long way off to get away from the loudness (I guess we’re old, if the music is too loud). We found two beach chairs in the sun with the ship just in view. It was a total relaxation moment. I did go out to the edge of the water, testing it with my toes and looking for seashells.

It wasn’t long before we had to get back to the ship. Back in our stateroom, we had a view of the dock and watched all the latecomers. The last couple on was a guy practically dragging the girl because she was so clearly drunk. I don’t know about you, but that’s not how I want to spend my vacation – drunk and hung over.

I napped while he went and got coffee. We wandered down to the photo galleries and looked for pictures before heading to the dining room for dinner and then sitting in the main lobby bar just hanging out and people watching. We went onto the deck, watched the water go by, then went up to the Lido deck to see what was going on up there.

Not a lot as it turned out. 🙂

Friday was a day at sea, which is actually tomorrow’s blog post! See you then.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.