Day of Birth, Part Deux

Okay.. whew.. am I tired.

My husband indulged my impulses all day long. After breakfast, we hit the post office. I mailed out all my contest entries. WOOHOO! They are in the mail and on their way. Very happy about that.

Our second stop was DSW Shoe Warehouse. I found two lovely pairs of shoes. I don’t know why, but I chose both in baby blue. Seemed to be the color of the day. On to Best Buy. We each got a movie and got our 5000 reward points for spending $25 or more. DH got The Aviator and I got Sweet Home Alabama. Still on the romantic comedy kick I guess.

Then off to the mall. We walked and walked and walked and walked. Picked out patio furniture (even tho we are not completely satisfied with the concrete work…bought the patio furniture anyway). Though I’m not counting that as a birthday gift. heheh Then on to another department store. I decided I needed a new purse. I couldn’t pick between two, so my husband said to get both.

Didn’t get the Versace sunglasses but tis okay. I found a knock-off version for $12.00 (instead of $180).

Finished the day off with dinner at Outback. My tummy is quite full and I’m pretty content.

Now I think I’m going to go have a bowl of chocolate ice cream.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.