Day Three and News!

Well, we’re home again for the third day in a row. We didn’t even get up to 20 yesterday. And at night? Low of 8. It hasn’t been this cold in 15 years. It’s been record-breaking. I nearly slipped and fell just going to the mailbox yesterday. Everything is a sheet of ice from the front door to the curb. And the roads are awful.

Spring, anyone?

Ah well. I got a lot of stuff done that I needed to yesterday. The schools are closed yet again today. The kid has been self-entertaining, though. He did all his homework. He played Wii. He watched movies. If we get back to normal on Friday, he’ll be ready to turn in his homework. I think it’s a tad funny this is all happening during Super Bowl week. The highs will be in the 50s for the big game but does it really matter if no one can get here for it? 😆 I’d say I feel sorry for Jerry Jones but, yeah, um. No. Plus all this staying at home has forced us to eat at home. Yesterday I made beef stew in the crock pot and cornbread from scratch. Tonight, if my chicken is thawed, I’ll roast it. YUM. Man told me to “cook something that sucks” tonight. He’s getting spoiled with all the homemade good food I think. 😉

Anyway… now on to my news item of the day. WOO!

Yesterday, I signed a contract for my romance fantasy, Phoenix Fire, with DCL Publications. This is the book about the gladiatrix and her assassin lover. (I must have changed the title six times before I settled on this…) This is the one I’d been trying to sell for damn near two years. The that was rejected everywhere. I feel so vindiated. No info on a release date yet but I will post that as soon as I know it. 🙂

By Michelle

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