Dead Tired

Another round of storms woke us up at 3:30 am. Except this time they were worse.

The kiddo came bolting into my room with the first thunder strike. As it started to lightning, I decided to get up and unplug everything. When I rounded the bed, that’s when I heard the wind. And this wasn’t the usual wind gusts. The house literally rocked. Then the wind started to whistle. I hurried into the office and unplugged the computer and peeked out the blinds.

My big tree in my front yard was blowing like I had never seen before. The whistling increased and my heart started to pound. I knew that sound. I ran to the bedroom, got the kiddo and made him sit in the bathtub while I made my next plan. I was shaking uncontrollably. I had never heard wind like that before. And the house was literally shaking on the foundation.

I told the kid to stay put and went to the TV, turned it on to see what was happening. There was possible tornadic activity in the area – mostly to the north of us – and we were under a tornado warning. I got the kiddo and held him. He was shaking too. We just clung to each other while the wind howled and whistled and the house rattled around us.

It was a fast moving storm – 60-65 mph and they said the straight line winds were up to 90 mph. I believe it! I have never been so scared in my life. It was so frightening. It passed over us, but was headed straight for my mom. I debated for about 10 minutes on whether or not to call. I finally picked up the phone at nearly 4 am. She was sleeping so I was glad I woke her up and got her to her safe space.

I put the baby back to bed – in my bed – and laid down with him until he was asleep. It didn’t take long. Then I headed back to the TV to watch as it passed over Mesquite (where my Mom is). I called her back. She said she was all okay and the house was fine. My brother had called her shortly after I did and talked to her while the storm passed.

I finally got back to bed at nearly 5. So I’m exhausted. I hope I can make it through the day.

Lots of damage all over Dallas/Fort Worth. And I was very lucky. I got through it withou losing so much as a shingle. There are tree branches – small ones – in my yard but that’s it.

And we’re supposed to get more rain today. I hope they aren’t bad… I hate this weather. But such is life in Texas!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.