Deal of the Year

So… yesterday I had some errands to run. Went to the post office and mailed all my bills (grr) and then went to DSW Shoe Warehouse (FAVORITE STORE EVER) because they were having a hellacious sale.

I got a pair of $100 Guess shoes for $13! They were already marked down and then I got 50% off that price and then got an ADDITIONAL 50% off of the sale price. WOO! I totally love that I got them for such a steal. They are high-heeled clogs:

Style is called Jovanna-T. Cool, eh?

I took the baby boy with me to the store and tried these on. I asked him what he thought and he said, “They rock, Mom.” LOL So, you know, I had to get them.

I ran to Target then to make a return and got back $10 so in essence I only spent a total of $3 today. Isn’t that awesome?

It was one of those dreary gray days all day. By 4 pm, it was raining. And then it poured. And then we were under a torando warning. I was a little nervous. We lost satellite and I had to hook up the trusty old antenna to get the weather so I could make sure I knew what was happening. Had a little hail, but nothing to speak of.

The storm passed and I turned the computer back on. The satellite was working again. I started dinner and got it in the oven.

And then *poof* out went the power. I was completely caught off guard since it wasn’t even raining outside when it happened. Of course, the baby freaked out. I took him firmly by the hand and said we were going to get his flashlight (he ALWAYS has one in his room). So we did. And then lit every candle in the house.

There were three unfortunate things about the whole power outage: (1) my cell phone was about to die; (2) dinner was in my all-electric oven; and (3) my car was in the garage. The only thing I COULD do was turn the battery on in the car to charge the cell phone. Couldn’t leave. I hoped dinner would continue to cook as the oven cooled down. The baby got hungry, though. Luckily I had lunchmeat he could have.

The power was out for about an hour and a half. I finished cooking dinner, ate, and then it was time for his bath. Got him in bed around 9:30 but because he took an hour long nap (he decided himself he wanted to go lay down), he didn’t want to go sleep until well after 10. And I’m exhausted.


It rained off and on again but then finally all was quiet by bedtime. What a relief.

Oh, and I wrote a page and a half yesterday. Not much, but I did write. It felt good to get back into Lirron’s and Kincaid’s world. I hope to get more done on it in the coming days.

Have no idea what that plan is for today but … we’re going to do something all right. 🙂

Can you believe there’s only one day left in 2006? 😯

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.