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Quote of the Day:
Life’s a journey. Not a destination.

Thanks for all the congrats yesterday. I was very pleased to see my little serial hit the e-shelf. And seeing the real deal with the cool graphics – WOW! I nearly wept with joy when I saw it.

Don’t forget – you can stop by the Reader Forum at Inara Press and post questions and talk about the serial. Just go to the main home page at and click on Reader Realm and then log in with your username and password you used to set up your account.

This week has been fast and furious. Not that I’m doing anything spectacular, really, but work has been steady and that’s good. I’m doing a resume update for the entire office which is quite a task. Hunting and gathering, editing and organizing. That’s about what it involves.

I’m taking a half day off today. I made a tough decision this week about my vehicle situation. I love my Tahoe. LOVE it. It’s the car I’ve always wanted to drive. Granted, it’s the bottom of the line in Tahoes but I love it. Old Blue has been there for me, has recovered from my massacre of its back quarter panel when I decided to get into with a pole in a parking garage, has saved my life when I decided to skid through the rain and realized I might be turning it over, still loved me even after the driver’s side window got smashed and the stereo ripped off. She helped me move from my house to my tiny apartment. I’m going to miss her. 😥

Can you see where this is going? I’m driving up to a dealership in Denton this afternoon :dead: because they have the smaller, less expensive vehicle I want that gets 30 miles to the gallon IN THE CITY. Old Blue only gets 17 in the city on a good day. I made this decision this week when I realized I am sinking over $800 a month in this car and THAT’S why I’m going broke. It’s a depressing thought that I have to get rid of it. But I’ll be cutting my payment in half and my gas bill in half. It’s worth it. I just think of all the money I’ll be saving, the bills I can pay off, the pedicures I can get, and the nice birthday party I can have for my son (see? I’m not all selfish…lol).

So this evening I’ll be driving a Roller Skate home, getting 30 miles to the gallon and feeling less of a financial burden. And then, in five years, when I’m making a little more money and having less bills, perhaps I can get me another Tahoe. And maybe even by then, those gas-guzzlers will get better gas mileage.

Anyway, time to work. And get more coffee.

By Michelle

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