Decluttering Week 1

IMG_5214So I have this grand idea that I’m going to declutter my house over 2016. So far, it’s working.

I told the husband I wanted to go through the pantry and get rid of what was expired and donate what we weren’t going to use. Since he’s sort of the keeper of the pantry, he went at it with gusto. The worst thing in the pantry that was expired (like since 2008 expired) were the spices. Sadly, we threw away a lot of spices that were expired. Like WAY expired.

Our trash smelled good though. 🙂

I also got rid of a bunch of stuff that was cluttering up the top of the bathroom shelf. There was a jar candle that had been for, like, five years. It had a thick layer of dust on it and was just kind of yuck. I poured boiling water in the jar, let it sit for about 15 minutes and then removed the candle so I could recycle the glass jar.

Then I got really crazy and decluttered my pen cup. It had pens that no longer had ink. I threw them all out. Then I got rid of a bunch more that were in a pencil case in the top drawer of my filing cabinet. It felt really good to get rid of that stuff that has been taking up space. Especially stuff that no longer has a use.

I’m serious about this decluttering thing so hopefully I can keep up the momentum throughout the year. I’m writing this on January 2. We’ll see how I feel in, say, six months. 😉

By Michelle

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